What is Kavyar?

Kavyar (pronounced like "caviar") is an online community for talented artists in photography, film, fashion, modeling, arts, and design.

Why was Kavyar created?

Kavyar was created to help artists spend less time on business, and more time on doing what they love — their art.

What makes Kavyar different from other networks?

On Kavyar, your portfolio work speaks for you. When you credit your collaborators and clients, Kavyar building a "living resume" of your experience, which new collaborators and clients can use to connect with you.

Any collaborators you credit will have the work added to their portfolios, too. Building your portfolio on Kavyar is a shared experience.

Is Kavyar for me?

Any artist with a visual portfolio (images or video) can join. Click here to see the list of current account types. If your particular specialty isn't listed, let us know.

I want to hire creative talent. Can I use Kavyar?

Contact us for information about our creative talent marketplace.

What kind of work can I show on Kavyar?

Anything that can be captured in an image or video is allowed. Portfolio work must be high quality and demonstrate craft or artistry.

Am I limited to one role on Kavyar? Can I work in multiple mediums?

We love it when members take on multiple roles — photographer, painter, fashion designer, model. You can contribute different things on different works, or contribute multiple things on a single work. It's all allowed (and encouraged) on Kavyar.

What are the requirements for joining?

Four portfolio pieces and a headshot.

How long does it take for a portfolio to be approved?

Portfolios are typically approved within minutes, if not seconds — sometimes before you even finish signing up!

Why is connecting to Facebook important?

Connecting to Facebook makes it fast and easy to credit your collaborators using your friends list. We will NEVER post to Facebook without your permission.

I don't have any portfolio work. Can I still join Kavyar?

If you are new to the industry and don't have work yet, or you simply don't have your work handy when you sign up, you can join in a limited capacity. You will be able to browse others' work, but you won't be able to participate fully until you complete your portfolio.

Is Kavyar free?

Kavyar is free to use. Certain premium features are limited to paid members, but the basics will always be free.

Who created Kavyar?

See our team page

Can I follow you on social media?

Yes you can! Here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Is the work on Kavyar curated?

The work on Kavyar is curated mostly by members themselves, based on who and what gets the most love. The best work naturally rises to the top. The Kavyar staff does curate special collections and chooses what to feature in its social media outlets. They also reserve the right to remove any inappropriate work from the system.

How do I get featured on Kavyar?

Do two things:

  1. Have great work
  2. Participate in the community by crediting your collaborators and showing love for others' work

What's a "Founding Member" and how do I become one?

Founding members are early adopters of Kavyar that have worked with us to help grow the community. They get the benefits of pro membership for life. To get a founding member status, sign up, give us feedback, and invite other artists.

How much portfolio work can I add?

There are no restrictions on the number of images or videos that can be added to your portfolio.

How do I credit my collaborators?

Here's a quick video to show you how it's done:

How did this work get added to my portfolio? Can I remove it?

When other members credit you on work, it is automatically added to your portfolio. If you would like to remove it, you can do so by clicking on the work, then the "Edit" next to your name, then "Remove this credit".

How do I remove my work from Kavyar?

If you are the only one credited on your work, you can simply remove your credit (see previous question), or select "Delete" from the "…" menu. If other members are credited on your work, you must first remove their credits. Note that removing credits for other members will remove the work from their portfolio, too, so be sure that's what you really want to do.