What is Kavyar?
Kavyar is a network for creatives in fashion, beauty, and art.
We specialize in helping artists get published in magazines and other outlets. For more about this, see How It Works.
Is Kavyar free?
Creating a Kavyar profile is free, and most submission opporunities we list are free. Some publishers may charge fees (e.g. for priority review), but they are usually optional, and are always shown up front.
I'm not a photographer. Can I join?
Yes! Kavyar is for all artists, not just photographers. Our focus is the fashion/beauty industry — models, hair/makeup artists, stylists, designers — but anyone is welcome to join.
I run a magazine or publication. How do I get listed?
Go to Kavyar for Publishers and apply to join.
Do I need a Kavyar portfolio to submit to publishers?
No. The Kavyar network and publication submissions are separate. If you want to keep a low profile on the network, you are not required to share work publicly. However, having a complete Kavyar profile with approved portfolio work can increase your chances of being accepted by publishers.
How do portfolios work?
Kavyar portfolios are built collaboratively. That means work can show up in your portfolio in one of several ways:
1. You upload work to your portfolio directly
2. Someone else credits you as a collaborator on their work
3. A magazine publishes work you submitted via Kavyar
Your Kavyar portfolio is separate from the work you submit to publishers. Work submitted to publishers is typically kept private until they publish it, at which point it can be added to your portfolio.
What's the deal with portfolio approvals? Or: why can't I interact with other members?
The Kavyar network is curated. Portfolios must be reviewed and approved by Kavyar before you become a full network member. We do this to maintain the quality and professionalism of the network. This approval is not required to submit to publishers.
How long does it take for a portfolio to be approved?
Portfolios are typically reviewed within 5 - 10 days. If you don't hear back from us within that time frame please feel free to contact us.
I don't have any portfolio work. Can I still join Kavyar?
If you are new to the industry and don't have work yet, or you simply don't have your work handy when you sign up, you can join in a limited capacity. You will be able to browse others' work, but you won't be able to participate fully until you complete your portfolio.
Why isn't my work showing on the feed?
The only work that shows up on the Popular and Latest feeds is public portfolio work. So the first step is to add work to your portfolio.
Portfolio work gets trickled out to the feed over time. If you add lots of work, it may take a while for it all to show up. The feed also uses algorithms to prevent overcrowding by one member and filter work that's too similar. A small amount of curation may also be performed by Kavyar reviewers to maintain quality and genre standards.
How did this work get added to my portfolio? Can I remove it?
When other members credit you on work, it is automatically added to your portfolio. If you would like to remove it, see the next question.
How do I remove my work from Kavyar?
Click on any work in your portfolio. Scroll down to reveal the list of credits. If you are the only person credited on the work, you can delete the work by clicking the X next to your credit. If there are other people credited on the work, you must first remove their credits before removing your own. Note that removing someone’s credit removes the work from their portfolio, too, so be sure this is really what you want to do.
Who runs Kavyar?
Why do some publishers charge to submit? Isn't that exploitive?
Most of the publishers listed on Kavyar are indie mags, run by people that are artists themselves. Most of these mags are labors of love.
Allowing publishers to offer optional paid upgrades for faster responses or critiques allows them to make some extra money to keep their publication running, while still providing benefits to the artists that submit.
Even if you're not comfortable paying fees to submit, Kavyar will always have free-to-submit opportunities listed, and we encourage publishers to always offer a free option.
We love hearing feedback about this and any aspect of Kavyar. Feel free to reach out if you have thoughts or suggestions.
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