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Image Requirements

6-20 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile


Webitorials submissions are always open and they do not have to be exclusive!
We welcome any level of photographers from amateur to professionals if their work is of high quality to meet our magazines aesthetics. To make things easier for beginners trying to publish, we do not require high end fashion, nor agency models. There is no rules, and it just up to your imagination.

Once accepted, we will inform you as to the estimated time of publication.
All webitorial published online can be view on
Please ensure you provide us your social media account name so we are able to tag you.

About afi magazine

Afi (αφή) - noun for "feel" in Greek - is an international fashion magazine based in the UK focusing on editorials. This submission based magazine is published monthly with the aim to showcase works of established and emerging artists in the fashion scene. This includes photographers, models, makeup artists, hair stylist, wardrobe stylists, art directors, lighting assistants, retouchers etc etc.

Fashion evolves emotions. Photography projects this feeling through the way the photo is taken and retouched, though the colours and outfit styling, through the posing to the models expression. We know that in fashion, to produce a single mesmerising image requires a huge team effort and expertise from all its members. We want afi magazine to inspire each and every one of them.

​Afi magazine is constantly looking for creatives to showcase their work and to inspire others. Whether you are well established or just starting out, if you feel your work can inspire others and would like to be featured, please get in touch.
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