Aperture Collective Magazine
Call for Work


Image Requirements

8-18 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
Must be exclusive and unpublished


**Please Read Before Submitting**

We are asking for 3 - 5 looks for your submission and 8-12 quality photos in total. Don’t be afraid to be crazy, weird, and push the limits of fashion. We really want to showcase your BEST work!

We ask upon submission to include the team members names and their roll, affiliated parties/ agencies (e.g. photographer, model, makeup artist, hair etc.) as well as credits for the clothing items featured.

While some landscape photos may be selected for print, portrait orientation is preferred.

If we have already accepted your work for a magazine, our guideline is that we have rights to feature your photos in the magazine you have submitted to. We have the right to decline your request for cancelation if we have already accepted.

Refunds are available if we reject GUARANTEED publications ONLY. There are NO REFUNDS for priority upgrade submissions.

If an editorial is an accepted, we will feature 4-6 photos of your work (even if the entire editorial was accepted). Any paid editorials will automatically get a 6 page feature (as long as the photos work). The length of the editorials depend on (1) what looks best for your editorial and (2) what works best for our magazine.

We do not give out free prints of the magazine if you are featured. Prints and the downloadable magazine will be available for purchase on magcloud.com. However, you will receive free tear sheets upon request.

About Aperture Collective Magazine

Aperture Collective is a print magazine that features high fashion editorials from creatives across the globe.