Assuré Magazine
Call for Work

August 2020 | #16

Image Requirements

4-12 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile


Get featured in our august issue. Please read our guidelines before submitting on

Visit us at pinterest or take a look at our social media, to find out what we like.
Make sure you do correct tagging and team credits, as we will copy directly. We also keep the right to choose which photos will be published in one editorial submission.

By submitting your work to us, we assume that you have the permission from everyone to have the work published (photographer, model, make up artist, ..etc.).

You also understand that submission does not mean acceptance; and that all submissions are subjected to review.

The photographer will always retain the copyrights of the images. By submitting the photographer only give us the rights to publish it in our magazine or online (website/social media)

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