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Social Promotions get published only in our social media accounts.

For print submissions, please check for "PRINT" calls for work.

If you'd like to be published both in print and social media, please checkout the "Social Upgrade" option inside "PRINT" calls for work.

Please check our Instagram page as the mood board:

- Social Media submissions are required to have a minimum of 6 images to choose from.

- If you submission is not accepted, we will issue a refund for your payment.

- Include Instagram usernames of all participants. We tag all participants in our posts.

- Include all images from the editorial, wardrobe credits, and team credits.

- Include full photo, designer and model / agency credits and necessary documents that prove the right to distribute the images and other content.

- All submissions must be either owned by the submitter or accompanied by a permission/photo release form from the photographer/owner that owns the copyright to the images.

- We are asking the rights to crop and/or edit submitted images according to Instagram layout limitations.

- Unfortunately, we do not accept images with watermarks or logos. If you as a photographer or your studio has a logo, please send it separately in a high quality, transparent png format and we will also gladly include your logo in your featured pages or our magazine.

- The fee for unaccepted submissions will be refunded.

Legal Notice:

- By sending this submission, the submitter hereby grants Boudoir Inspiration magazine permission to use the photography or other content submitted in their publication, including their website & social media, printed magazine issues and internet postings. The submitter verifies that he/she has the right to publish the people in the pictures and that he/she owns the rights to have these pictures (or other content) distributed, published, or otherwise promoted by Boudoir Inspiration as they see fit for their publication. The submitter certifies that this work of art is not plagiarized from another source.

- The submitter understands that the picture(s) (or other content) submitted to Boudoir Inspiration Magazine may be used in their publication in print or digitally as well as on their website and other social media and internet postings.

- The submitter understands that by completing this submission form only allows Boudoir Inspiration Magazine to use my photos (or other content) in their publication, and at no time will Boudoir Inspiration Magazine assume rights to the photos (or other content) themselves, other than submitter allowing them the right to publish the photos (or other content submitted and should they then post pages from the publication on their website or in internet postings.

- The submitter understands that at no time shall he/she gets paid, re-imbursed, compensated, given a free print copy of the magazine, or given royalties, now or at any point in the future by Boudoir Inspiration Magazine, if otherwise stated by Boudoir Inspiration Magazine when the acceptance message is sent to the submitter. A free digital copy will be provided to the submitter once the issue is published.

- The submitter hereby irrevocably authorizes Boudoir Inspiration Magazine to copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these photos (or other content) in their publication for purposes of publicizing Boudoir Inspiration Magazine in their publication, website or internet postings or for any other lawful purpose. The submitter also gives the right for Boudoir Inspiration Magazine to make any necessary edits (i.e. crop/resize .....) to fit the publication.

- The submitter hereby holds harmless and releases and forever discharges Boudoir Inspiration Magazine from all claims, demands, and causes of action which he/she, her/his heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on my behalf or on the behalf of her/his estate have or may have by reason of this authorization.

- The submitter certifies that the person or ALL person(s) in the photo(s) are at least 18 years of age. If they are under the age of 18, I certify that their parent or legal guardian has given approval. The submitter has read this release and fully understands the contents, meaning, and impact of this release.

- The submitter affirms that all given statements to the magazine are true. As the provider, he/she also understands that submissions of content, or completion of release, is not a guarantee of publication. If Work is published, it is the duty of the provider (and not Boudoir Inspiration Magazine) to notify all involved parties of their involvement in the final product.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Submission Cover photo credits:
Photographer: Yuliya Panchenko @ypboudoir
Model: Jennifer Rose @model_jennifer_rose


Decades before Marilyn Monroe became the goddess of boudoir; women and most recently, men, have been in the business of accentuating their sexiness, using boudoir photography as a medium to prove to themselves and those they cared to share their art with, how sexy they feel.

The boudoir photography trend has become the rave of the moment; more women are using this form of art to express their sexuality without fear of being judged. Women are sexy, sensual and can be vixens if they choose to; this can be achieved via boudoir photography.

Boudoir Inspiration is about all aspects of boudoir photography, giving inspiration, advice and favourite trends in the boudoir industry to those interested in venturing into the world of boudoir; photographers and muses alike.

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