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Contagion Media Vol. 3: The Power of Femininity

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Contagion Media Magazine Vol. 3 revolves around the power of femininity. We are looking for artists of all mediums (photographers, videographers, painters, musicians, fashion designers, makeup artists, writers etc.) to submit their story to be a part of our collection this season. This upcoming issue will highlight the power of femininity. Artists of all genders are welcome to participate.

Contagion Media is an art platform for artists of all mediums. Contagion Media's mission is to help artists of all mediums break the starving artist stereotype by creating a platform for artists to thrive. Contagion Media Magazine highlights exceptional artists succeeding in breaking artistic boundaries through the use of impressive technique and creativity.

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Please include a short short biography and editorial summary or reflection.

Contagion Media is currently in the process of expanding by recruiting artists of all mediums to join our mission of unity, collaboration, and growth in art & media. Artists selected will be showcased in Contagion Magazine Vol. 3, social media posts, stories, and mailing lists. Artists features are currently an unpaid opportunity, but our agents will reach out to selected artists for future opportunities, networking events, and paid work.

Free Tear Sheets will be provided to all artists featured. Prints of Contagion Magazine Vol. 2 may be purchased at release date.

About Contagion Media

Contagion Media was founded on September 1st, 2017 as a media production house but has since evolved into an art platform. We aspire to create a brilliant world where individuals can freely spread art through all mediums, with no fear of restrictions on the need to create. Our team of artists and art enthusiasts work to promote our own creations as well as support others in their artistic pursuits.

On Contagion Media, artists of all mediums are able to join the art platform to showcase their art, sell their creations, and connect with clients. Click here to apply!


Our mission is to create a network where artists can thrive, collaborate with other artists, and produce media that breaks artistic boundaries. We strive to establish a community where artists can pursue a successful careers in art and media with a distinct vision and passion.


When our founder, KBR, set out to establish Contagion Media, she wanted to create an influence deriving from the pure passion of the arts, an art movement that would spread like a disease. By supporting aspiring artists with an outlet to sell art and creative services, we hope to spread this movement of the arts throughout the world.

By supporting aspiring artists with an outlet to sell art and offer their creative services to prospective clients, we hope to spread this movement of art and media throughout the world.




3. a: rapid communication of an influence

b: an influence that spreads rapidly

Make art, not war.
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