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Interested in featuring your Article in our International Print & Digital Magazine, as well as our online blog and social platforms? Creators Magazine is accepting educational content to improve the life of an everyday Creator: from beauty tips, marketing advice, technology reviews, fashion trends, industry tips and more. Our goal is to educate and provide a hub where creators can come and learn from one another! If you are interested in being a part of our journey submit an article NOW!!

If you are not sure what to write take a look at our online blog to see our previous content-

*There are no deadlines and no themes for our Articles, so submit whenever you’d like!

*Accepted submissions will be published in our Print and Digital Magazine, Blog and social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram story (@Creators_mag)

*Please include full team credits along with @IG usernames to be properly credited.

-We also want to know where you are located.

*You are more than welcome to submit photos that match cohesively to your article. Your photos don't have to be exclusive! (*allowed on Social Media) However, they need to be unpublished!


As a contributor, all images and work submitted for Creators Magazine must be copyright free. The submitted works must be all done by yourself and you must be the authentic copyright holder. Once submitted to Creators Magazine, you and the featured subjects, persons, or models agree to grant Creators Magazine the right to publish your work and use your image. If any submission(s) are involved with any copyright entanglement because of the above, your eligibility will automatically be revoked. You will be responsible for all the legal consequences under all circumstances regardless of Creators Magazines' awareness.

***By allowing Creators Magazine to publish your work, you grant permission to use your work in our website, videos, marketing material, advertisements, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation and monetization of Creators Magazines content.

By submitting to Creators Magazine, you agree to the above terms and agreements.

Thank you!

-The Creators Magazine Team

About Creators Magazine

Creators Magazine is a Creative Feature Project Magazine based out of Victoria, BC Canada.

The Mag is filled with unique and inspiring individuals who are extremely passionate about their work, which is demonstrated in all of the photos within the entire Magazine!

**Creators Mag is available in Digital & Print.**

Each Submission is carefully looked through and a few creatives are selected for an interview and feature with the magazine.

Creators Magazine provides a high-quality platform for new and established professional Creatives to be connected, published and recognized world-wide.

We actively try to push our content and Magazine into Marketing agencies. This allows our featured creatives to have the opportunity to be contracted for work.

Each issue will bring together the ever growing talented creative community around us. Creators Mag will ultimately be a never ending source of inspiration.