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<b>Five Reasons To Submit With CROOKES Magazine:</b>

<b>1. </b>Your Approved Exclusive Fashion Editorials will get its own individual Article Page on our website. This is brilliant for sharing.

<b>2. </b>Your Fashion Editorial will get shared and spread across our social media. We go above-and-beyond to make sure Editorials get as much exposure as possible.

<b>3. </b>Your Fashion Editorial Article will be amongst our Exclusive Talent Features on our website, including Photoshoots & Interviews with Oscar Nominated, Golden Globe, Emmy & BAFTA Winning Actors & Grammy Winning Music Artists.

<b>4. </b>Your Fashion Editorial Article will be subject to huge waves of organic views on our website, made possible through our strong presence on search engines.

<b>5. </b>We maintain longstanding relationships with all of our collaborators - working with many photographers again and again across a range of projects.

<b>Here's some examples of our Online Fashion Editorials:</b>

Fashion Editorial: Mirror Mirror by Bertran Harden

Fashion Editorial: The Collective by Hazel Hurley

Fashion Editorial: Her Body by Kamil Banaszek

Fashion Editorial: Summer Rose by Anthony Pomes


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