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DRUE Magazine

About DRUE Magazine

DRUE Magazine was founded by fashion and portrait photographer Andrew Parsons. Andrew started his photography journey as a senior in high school where his final project was creating a magazine. His experience with this project evolved into a life-long passion for pursuing photography with the high goal in mind that one day he’d start a magazine of his own.

The idea for DRUE was to create a place for creatives to showcase their work and share their stories. As a magazine, DRUE doesn’t conform to the typical standards or limitations of being tied to a particular season, genre, or publishing schedule. DRUE is a free-form web-zine that showcases the best of the best in fashion and beauty photography - prioritizing quality over quantity, and overall concept above attention to the current trends.

In a few words, DRUE’s aesthetic is clean, simplistic, beautiful, modern, high-end, and sophisticated. DRUE seeks to push boundaries and break the mold by highlighting new and diverse talent from all over the globe.

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