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1-4 images
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Send us a biography and your success story in your activity related to any artistic universe.

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All images must be professional retouched and edited.

About Eclair Magazine

Our new French magazine born in Paris grows in New-York is specializes in art, fashion, beauty & editorial.

Quality Is better than quantity...

Our intercultural team composed of French and Americans, allows us to develop in France Paris but also in the United States. We work with French and international celebrities who support our magazine.

(Jermaine Jackson, Kerry Washington, Miss Universe, David Dickens, Lorie Pester, Alex Vinash and so many others...)

We highlight each month in our "Portrait of the month" section a French or American celebrity or personality recognized and publicized with biographies and or exclusive interview.

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Photos Must be exclusive and Unpunished.

We accept photos of different styles
All images must be retouched and edited.