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Image Requirements

4-15 images
JPG, PNG, or TIF format
sRGB color profile



DISCLAIMER: You are only submitting for social media featuring if interested in print publication please submit to our print box.

Please ensure that your credits are spelled correctly and are up-to-date. If any credits or social handles change it is the applicant's responsibility to inform Fairest Magazine. Submissions are for review and do not ensure acceptance.

SUBMISSION TITLE RULES: If your submission does not contain a title we will create one specifically for publication.

SUBMISSION DISCLOSURE/AGREEMENT: We take our creator's artwork seriously. When you submit to Fairest Magazine you agree that you’re the copyright owner and/or have permission to submit your work to Fairest Magazine. You agree that Fairest Magazine will not be held responsible or accountable for any work submitted on behalf of the applicant that is not their own or copyright infringed.
This disclosure is to ensure that you grant us permission to publish and utilize your work in Fairest Magazine and all of its physical and/or digital platforms including but not limited to:
Instagram, Facebook, Magcloud Printshop, Fairest Magazine's Website, Printing your work in our physical and digital publication, and other advertising purposes.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This means that once a submission has been sent and accepted you grant us an irrevocable license/permission to use your work for Fairest Magazine including our publications, social posts, marketing/advertisements, websites, films, events, disbursements, creations, monetization, and any other formats, mediums, and uses of our choice.

You are aware other sites/companies have their own terms and conditions. You acknowledge that you will be collaborating with Fairest Magazine and will not be paid or compensated to be featured/published or for any sales the magazine may make.

When submitting to us all parties agree with these terms mentioned in order to be added to Fairest Magazine. By submitting your work you agree to these terms and are held responsible to them unless otherwise stated on a case by case basis. You acknowledge these terms can and are allowed to be subject to change at any time at our discretion.

WHAT DO I GET? If you're selected to be part of an issue in Fairest Magazine we can provide you with a digital tear sheet of what your work looks like in the magazine. Thank you for contributing! You can use this tear sheet for your online portfolio! Congrats on becoming a published artist with Fairest Magazine!

Photographer: Isha Daniels @fieryorbsabove
Paypal: [email protected]

About Fairest Magazine

Passionate, Impactful, & Magical
Founded in 2018, Fairest Magazine is a publication featuring an inclusive community of bold and passionate creators who want to make a difference in the world through art.

The magazine gives artists recognition and ignites creativity, while advocating for diversity, culture, love, faith, and self-empowerment.
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