Fashion New Order
Call for Work


Image Requirements

1-20 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
Must be exclusive and unpublished


We do not put creative limitations on your submission. We accept a sole image if necessary, but it does have to be STRONG and in HIGH-QUALITY. Although we do not require a specific number or theme, we won't accept BASIC, poorly done editorials, we'd rather have nothing than committing to something not to our level. Think Comme des garçons and Undercover for the fashion of it, but we're happy to accept personalized outfits and creative draping.

Check our Pinterest page and latest submissions for a good notion of what we desire.

Please submit 1 - 20 photos for review. You will get a feedback from our editor, into what we are looking for. Your submission will be prioritized. Get a response within 72 hours.

About Fashion New Order

We are Fashion New Order.

A creative portal for contemporary fashion without the boundaries of the press market. We focus on creative fashion, derived from the top schools/creative hubs from the world. We value the work from designers/stylists/photographers coming from Antwerp, Central Saint Martins and Polimoda.

Above all, we value innovation, authenticity and subversion.
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