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Image Requirements

1-10 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 2000 pixels on the longest side


Feroce has always been proud to be ahead when it comes to trends and loves to outsmart the Zeitgeist.

We understand that for a lot of our contributors, creating the same wild and avant garde editorials you usually would is going to be a challenge if you are in a country on lockdown or that is practicing social distancing.

For this issue, dedicated specially to the artists who kept creating no matter what, we'd like to celebrate your resilience.

We are looking for the following (DONE SAFELY):
- Self portraits
- Still life - make them interesting! The weirder the better.
- Paintings, illustrations, fashion collages, ANYTHING that made you get creative while in isolation.
- DIARIES. We would love to see scanned pages of your diaries and sketchbooks in this time. We want to see how our readers and contributors are staying creative.
- We are also super interested in interviewing creatives who are and are not taking the lockdown very well. We'd like to hear more about how the community is coping.
- Street photography or narrative photography
- Night photography (you know we love our bright lights!)
- Interesting methods of using models remotely
- Images of jewellery or clothes you may have made, insight into your thoughts behind a collection, anything!

Some changed rules!
- We will not require agency models for fashion submissions
- We will not require a minimum number of looks for fashion submissions
- We will not be holding exclusivity before or after you're published. You can publish the set with us, and are welcome to submit it again elsewhere to get more coverage on your work.
- Old sets that you may be revisiting at the moment that haven't seen the light of day in a hot minute, we welcome those too!
- We would like to extend a warm welcome specifically to our POC contributors, as we always try our best to place them high on our platform. And if you're a photographer, please consider working with a diverse model.

Here's the details

Photo submissions: stay on Kavyar
Written submissions that include vlogs, films, diaries, poems, reflections,
please email to [email protected]

Deadline: May 4th
Requirements: Your best avant garde, lockdown work.
Mood: We still want to see that Feroce flair. We want weird, wonderful. Less masks would be great because we did that last month.
Cover: We will be picking the cover for the issue on the 25th of April 2020
The Issue: The issue will be available exclusively on ISSUU so that as many people in the world as possible can view it. The issue will be promoted in our newsletter and across all social media.
All contributors will be given an online version of their editorial on our website too.

Show us how creative you can get during your time in Lockdown!

About Féroce Magazine

We're looking for groundbreaking work.

We love high fashion, portraiture, fine art, digital art - there's no rules and no set medium for creativity.

We're believe in diversity in the fashion industry which is why we encourage submissions for artists of all backgrounds with models of all nationalities and cultures.

We aspire to provide a platform for both up-and-coming and established artists. For creatives, by creatives.
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