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Feroce is now taking webitorial submissions. Our team is combining our PR and marketing experience along with our contacts to present our contributors to the right audiences to further their careers. As we always say, Feroce doesn't just aim to publish you, it promotes you.

Please check out the Feroce website to see what editorials we like to publish online:
We like dark and interesting work. Fashion editorials with more looks are more likely to be published.

We are offering guaranteed webitorials, ensuring that you definitely get published with us online.

If you also just want a social media campaign of us promoting your work, there is an option for this also.

Please remember that we like diversity here at Feroce.

About Féroce Magazine

We're looking for groundbreaking work.

We love high fashion, portraiture, fine art, digital art - there's no rules and no set medium for creativity.

We're believe in diversity in the fashion industry which is why we encourage submissions for artists of all backgrounds with models of all nationalities and cultures.

We aspire to provide a platform for both up-and-coming and established artists. For creatives, by creatives.