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Call for Work

Post on @flanellemagazine 100k

Image Requirements

4-15 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 2000 pixels on the longest side


Pre-qualification :
If approved, you will be asked to resubmit your photos again in one of the social media tiers below.

Tier 1- Instagram Story Feature $12.99
Tier 2 - Insta Feed Post $24.99
Tier 3 - Priority Instagram Package $39.99
Tier 4- Priority Social Media Package $49.99

What your work featured on our social media ?
www.instagram.com/flanellemagazine 100k+ followers with amazing engagement
www.facebook.com/flanellemag 10k+ Followers
www.pinterest.com/flanellemag 500k+ monthly visitors

We keep the right to choose which photo(s) will be published on our social media.

The Instagram Stories image resolution should be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. If it’s wider than 1920px, Instagram will size it down.

Note: That doesn’t mean you post photos with an ultra-high resolution, like 5400px by 5400px. Doing so will actually impact your image quality in a negative way and will be compressed ( and lose quality )

The Instagram posts, when accepted, are guaranteed for 30 days minimum.

By submitting your work, you need to:
- Guarantee and represent that you are the sole and exclusive legal owner of all rights, title, & interest in all the work you submitted, including all related intellectual property interests (such as trademarks and copyrights).
- Defend and indemnify the Publisher (VULKAN mag - Image Nation Studio L.L.C.) fully against all liabilities, damages, costs, debts, claims, and expenses which the Publisher may suffer or incur from a 3rd party claim where the material published infringes or misappropriates any third 3rd proprietary or intellectual property as a result of the breach of the above clause.

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