DIGITAL | Issue 9

Image Requirements

2-20 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 2000 pixels on the longest side
Must be exclusive and unpublished


As part of the publication, we accept the works of artists in the field of fashion and beauty, both photographers and make-up artists. However, if you want to submit your work, you must be a full-fledged author, i.e. own the copyright and consent to the publication of the entire team that created the photos. We prefer editorials about fashion and beauty, which deal with topics closely related to fashion and aesthetically to the given season. The schedule of topics and dates of accepting applications will be published on our website on an ongoing basis.



FASHION Submissions:

- Number of photos 3- 20
- A minimum of three different styles / looks.
- We welcome descriptions of clothing brands used in the editorial, even if it is vintage

BEAUTY Submissions:

- Number of photos 2 -20
- A minimum of two different looks
- The list of brands of cosmetics used to make the make-up will be welcomed


- Vertical frames preferred, separate - not diptych. If you want to send us a horizontal photo, please pay attention that the subject is not in the middle (we reserve the right to choose the number of photos for publication)

- No watermarks and graphics

- List all people who are part of the team: photographer, retoucher, make-up, hair stylist, stylist, model (with Agency name) and other links to your social media (facebook, instagram, www)

By submitting you're accepting The Author's statement:

"I declare that I am the author of the following works and agree to their publication in GLOW Magazine, on the website and in the social media channels of the magazine. I declare that I also have the consent of persons involved in the creation of these works for their publication."

The editors reserve the right to accept or reject the application. If you accept the application, we reserve the right to change the order and crop the photos for publication. We publish the list of editors qualified for a given issue on our fanpage within 7-14 days from the end of the recruitment. We are not responsible for errors in names / proper names in submitted applications.

We also reserve the right to choose the cover from the submitted photos.

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Thank you!

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