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HUF Magazine does not accept submissions through Kavyar.

HUF Magazine has readers from all over the world. We are here to give opportunity to those who would like to expose their work internationally, to show others what they’ve got. To be recognize as some of the best creative people in the world.

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About HUF Magazine

HUF Magazine is the creative magazine for the creative mind. Exclusive interviews with creative individuals around the world. Creativity is our core. Featuring the very best in talent and skill. Exploring the creative minds of actors, artists, designers, models, photographers, stylists, writers…and much much more. It’s a gateway for creatives, who deserve recognition of their work, whether they are amateur, student, semi-professional or professional.

Readers of HUF Magazine are creators, visionaries, trend setters and fashionistas with an obsession for beauty and visual impact. They are passionate with visual concept, dedicating themselves to the world of imagination where creativity has no boundary. They see themselves as the next generation of leaders in the creative industry, whether it’s photography, fashion, styling, makeup, hair, graphic design…etc. They look to HUF Magazine as authoritative and inspirational creative lifestyle magazine to showcase the very best of creative vision.
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