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About Imaginary Magazine

Imagination is a very strong tool that can lead you to the success you want.

Imaginary Magazine is a fashion and art magazine based in Mexico City that has a sophisticated and elegant audience. Our meaning of fashion is passion and cultural knowledge for our readers. Imaginary Magazine is a magazine that publishes 3 to 6 editorial productions per month and is known for its quality of editing and its elegant and incomparable editorials.

The requirements to accept your publisher are:

* The publisher must have a maximum of 4 looks.

* Have different brands and accessories.

* From 8 to 20 photos.

Imaginary Magazine, which distinguishes itself from other magazines by its visual approach to fashion, aims to position itself as a mix of fashion, culture and art. Rated as a digital magazine that you can observe at all times. Imaginary Magazine features editorial contributions by freelance photographers and fashion industry experts. .

Our main objective is to publicize the work of new talents.

With love to all our readers:

Editor in Chief:
Christopher mucci
Instagram:@Christopher Mucci

Fashion Editor:
Roberto Coss
Instagram: @robertocoss