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Image Requirements

3-6 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile


Imagism Magazine accepts high fashion-, beauty-,avant garde-,and fine art Editorials. Editorials can be submitted by any team member of a shooting. As soon as the editorial has been accepted you will need to send us a "story behind the shot". If you have a video of your shooting you can include it aswell (BTS welcome) for our upcoming youtube channel.

As soon as your submission has been accepted:
Include a story behind the Images. We would like to get some information on what happened before/during/after the shooting. To make this task easier you can answer the following questions, but feel free to add anything that you think is relevant to tell your story:

What inspired you to make this photoshooting?
How did you prepare for the shooting? choose the model, the make up artist, moodboard... Tell us a little bit about this shooting. Do you have any funny anecdotes from the shooting? What do you love about your editorial the most? What obstacles did you have to overcome during your shooting?

The article should be about 1200-1500 characters (not words)

By submitting your images to Imagism Magazine you grant us permission to use your images on our Website aswell as all our social Media Channels, Website and Promotional Platforms.

Include team credits as you wish them to appear in our magazine - Imagism Magazine cannot be held responsible for incorrect credits.

Include your social media handles so that we can link back to you when submitting content to our social media channels.

About Imagism Magazine

Imagism Magazine was created to help photographers, models, make up artists and stylists to showcase their work. We are looking for professionals as well as newcomers who want to give their career a push and expose themselves on an international level.
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