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Call for Work

MADE TO MEASURE Audiovisual Magazine • Special Love for Special You .

Image Requirements

15-20 images
JPG, PNG, or TIF format
Adobe sRGB color profile
Must be exclusive and unpublished


Dear Protagonist:

We are honored to be your personal tailor.

Regarding you who will become the protagonist of the story, we have some words to share with you. We hope that you will listen to these words with your trust in us. This will make our cooperation more pleasant and smooth.

We are the KEY to the colorful melodies that unlock the depths of your soul.

* Submission Content:
Mainly visual and auditory, and the form is unlimited. For example: writing, poetry, video, music, animation, photography, short film, artistic work, sound work. Please submit according to the three categories of the catalog: New Gallery, Colour Papers, Show Room. Works that you think are great.

* Type of Submission:
Pure video magazine in the form of visual and music. Take the sample on my website as an example.

* Submit Content Material:
All visual and audio related materials are the contents of K À Y colourmagazine. Subdivided into: photography, fashion design, jewelry, digital illustration, film, animation, music, interior design.

* Since it is your own private magazine, please send us the following questions by the submitter.

1. What is your special story?
2. What kind of person are you? 3-5 key words.
3. Who is the most important person influencing your artistic career development?
4. What is the argument you most want to share with the public?
5. What is your dream? How many have been implemented now? Which ones have not been reached yet?
6. What do you want to share with people with mental health disorders?

* Distribution Channels:
All social media platforms. Mainly Vimeo, instagram, mobile site, Twitter, Facebook

* Release Confirmation:
Before publishing, I will confirm with you whether there are any changes or additions. The number of revisions is limited to one time.

* By submitting your work, you need to:
Guarantee and represent that you are the sole and exclusive legal owner of all rights, title, & interest in all the work you submitted, including all related intellectual property interests (such as trademarks and copyrights).

* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,
Kay Cheung
K À Y New Media

About K À Y Magazine

Founded in 2019 as an international new media art platform with an online operating model. Related fields New Media Art and Digital Aesthetics, Digital audio culture & Spiritual well-being development, Forms for Communicating Design, Fine Arts, Visual Music Economies. With the goal of social corporate responsibility and the strategic deployment plan for sustainable development, creates an immersive experience of visual and auditory feasts with intelligent digital aesthetic influence. It foreshadows that the future world will be a beautiful feast of Color Symphony.

Based in 📍London 🇬🇧📍Miami 🇺🇸
Miami 🇺🇸 Tel : +1 (786) 410 9981
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