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20210621 - Nude, Implied, Lingerie, Body Painting, Tape - Elegant & Editorial Style

How to Submit

Watch video overview

Important Dates

Estimated publication
Exclusivity released
Decision no later than
Timeframes may change for upgraded submissions

Image Requirements

15-30 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
Allowed sizes (
flexible rules
Images may be larger. If aspect ratio does not match, images may be cropped to fit printed page.
Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)
Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)
Must be exclusive and unpublished


*** PLEASE Be SURE to Submit CREDITS FORM - - RETAIN as TEXT file please & UPLOAD at SAME TIME as SUBMISSION -= Just as you would an Image ***


*** PLEASE supply Whatsapp / Signal Number - so we can send proofs and get approval - SAVES a LOT of Heartache +61 421 286 200 *** !

PS - our Social Score is low - because :
1 - Our account is PRIVATE MOST of the time (to avoid models being harassed by stalkers / fakes / irrelevant acct's etc)
2 - We do NOT buy followers, We do NOT buy likes!
3 - Typical times when KAVYAR polls Social Media - it is on Private so it is not visible to be polled!
3 - Over 400 accounts have been blocked already - if they have appeared to be spammy, unrelated, fakeISH, private etc we block!
4 - We believe in QUALITY FOLLOWERS & QUALITY LIKES over quantity!

What is an Editorial Submission & Why Publish?
In really simple terms, we are looking for a collection of images that tell a attractive and interesting pictorial story about the theme you wish to submit content for.

What the Magazine Editorial Team does:
Receives and Process’s Submission Correspondence
Downloads and verifies integrity of data in submission.
Electronically files content for appropriate volume and updates database with contributors contact information.
Accepts / Declines with brief reasons.
Selects images for Magazine Volume
Does the Layout
Does the Credits Typing & Layout
Seeks approval / corrections from Contributor & corrects as required
Seeks final approval / corrections from Contributor & corrects as required
Selects and does layout for Front & Back Cover
Does Page 1 Credits of Cover Creatives and Featured Creatives
Submits to Publisher.
Does Publication details updates for Each Volume.
Prepares individual collection of Tearsheets for each contributor and places these in the Cloud to be accessed by respective Contributors.
Prepares PDF of File with Dropbox Link, Social Media usage Tips & Link to Print Magazine Purchase.
Emails contributors a personalised Information Pack with links to Magazine and their respective Tearsheets Folders in the cloud.
Updates Web Site with Cover Images and Links to Purchase Magazines
Updates Header Image selections with Cover Images
This approximates about 25 to 40 man hours PER VOLUME of the Magazine.
Cost to Contributors? ZERO Dollars.

Why get Published:
The content is already created AND / OR being created for your Portfolio / Assignment / Client / Campaign etc.
Advertising is where you PAY for exposure to reach new audiences / potential clients. Being published is getting FREE advertising and exposure for yourself – using content that is already in existence and/or content that is being created for your own portfolio(S) / Campaigns etc.
Recognition of your quality and standard of work as being worthy of being displayed alongside other talented creatives.
Recognition of your quality and standard of work as being worthy of the Magazine Editorial Team investing 1 to 3 hours of their time at NO COST to you in receiving and publishing your work!
By being Published in Krome Magazine™ you are leveraging your existing and / or new content to get additional FREE advertising for yourself and your creative team!

Requirements in Brief
Minimum (ideally – not essential) of 10 Images – FULL SIZE, .JPG, 300 DPI, AdobeRGB(1998), No Watermarks – The more to choose from the better
Send the Dropbox / WeTransfer Link by Email – With the forms (Release Form and Credits form – links at bottom of page) also in the same folder
Include your WhatsApp / Signal Number (install if you need to) for quick correspondence please. We prefer to send proofs for approval but only do so via this means as email is too inefficient and can end up in Junk, be too large etc
Include Release Forms and Credits Text File (links to the forms are at bottom of Page)
Multiple Submissions – Create Subfolders and include Credits file for each folder of images – Send link to parent (Main) folder only please that contains the sub-folders.

Requirements in Detail
1 – 10 to 30 images is recommended for submission – Minimum of 10 (ideally – not essential) so we know you have variety in your submission, along with a Submission Title / Story Title, Credits for Creatives and relevant forms (see bottom of page) – The more to choose from the better

2 – FULL SIZE, .JPG, 300 DPI, AdobeRGB(1998) colour profile, No Watermarks.

3 – Allowed sizes Portrait: PREFER FULL SIZE – however, as a MINIMUM –>> 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px) 4 – Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px), AdobeRGB(1998) colour profile. We reserve the right to crop / alter the submitted images as required to suit the Magazine layout and content.

4 – Try to keep editing to a minimum but professional – so as to not make the model look like a sculpture, android / humanoid etc but rather as herself.

5 – Skin blemishes / creases must be removed – whilst still retaining a natural skin look to the Models images.

6 – Images should be exclusive and unpublished (ideally), however we are flexible with this – depending on content – Submit and you will get a response) for Print & Webitorial (EiC’s Discretion as to exclusive / unpublished) & with NO WATERMARKS please.

7 – Cover (for Print Issues) and/or Feature Image (for Webitorials) will selected by an Editorial Panel at the Magazine. It is very competitive and standards are high. We look for ‘different’ when we choose our cover images!

8 – Submissions with models under 18 yo must be accompanied with a Lawful Model Release signed by a Authorised Parent or Guardian – with the authorised consenting Adult’s email and phone contacts in International phone format.

9 – Images used on Social Media must be the unaltered and actual published images in Krome Magazine™ so that the Magazine gets credited for the work as well.

10 – Submissions must be by the Copyright Owner (normally the Photographer) or an Authorised Delegate (authorised delegate form (form at bottom of page) must be placed in your Dropbox Folder along with images and Credits (form at bottom of page) file.

11 – Copyright owner is to complete the Release form (form at bottom of page) which must accompany each new submission by a Copyright owner, and placed in your Dropbox Folder along with images and Credits (form at bottom of page) file.

12 – Credits need to be completed (by submitter – form at bottom of page) – and placed in your Dropbox Folder, along with your images.

13 – Withdrawing of submissions is only permitted prior to 7 clear calendar days prior to initially scheduled publication date and time.

14 – Email us the Dropbox / WeTransfer link containing your High Resolution Images (specifications above) + Text File (.txt or .rtf) with Submission Title & Credits of Creatives + Wardrobe + Best Email + Best Mobile / Cell / Whatsapp / Signal number so we can quickly resolve any questions.

Multiple Submissions – Create Subfolders and include Credits file for each folder of images – Send link to parent (Main) folder only please that contains the sub-folders.
We are a small team and if we are unable to wait for an email reply to verify / clarify something then we will either drop the submission or proceed with the content as best we can and will not be correcting anything.

We also use whatsapp / Signal to send you proofs and get responses back quickly / immediately so we can fix it straight away and move onto the next layout. It WORKS extremely well!

15 – FREE Tearsheets will be provided by way of Dropbox within 14 days, under normal circumstances. DISCOUNTED Print copies may be purchased (for 2 WEEKS) after the Magazine is released and link will be provided to contributors to also share. After that 2 weeks, the prices rises by a minimum of $15 USD

16 – Creatives withdrawing a submission after it is accepted for publication will incur a fee of $55USD (if the withdrawal of submission is granted by the Magazine) to cover the time of redoing the layout of the Magazine.

17 – To err is human, we are human and no different. If there are typographical errors and/or layout and/or image errors that are discovered after it goes to print, there is nothing we can do and we do apologise in advance. However, if we are notified by whatsapp / Signal (only – to avoid missing email etc going into junk) prior to the magazine going to print, we will do our very best to rectify it. Best effort is all we can undertake to provide.

18 – These submissions rules & guidelines may be amended here from time to time without notice, so please do check before submitting your work.

19 – EiC’s decision to accept, publish, withdraw is final.

Guidelines – General
Glamour / Lingerie Theme: We accept:

Lingerie Illustrations (Male / Female)
Glamour / Lingerie
Implied Nude
Swimwear (involving nudity)
Body Painting / Body Art

Use of Agency Models for photographic submissions are highly recommended and preferred.

All submissions will feature up to as many images as we see fit (submit as many as you can so we can select the maximum that suits the issue).

Layout: We try to keep things simple, clean and give your image the most exposure we can, so we try and dedicate an entire page to 1 image where ever possible. We try to avoid the use of overlaid images, graphic design and anything else that detracts from your image – We believe the Krome Magazine™ is about YOU and YOUR WORK and not our graphic design skills. This pathway of ours has been validated with extremely positive feedback from creatives all over the world!

We also try and credit all creatives on all images so when they are posted individually on Social Media etc the images give the Creatives involved as much exposure as possible.

Copyright owner always retains copyright of their image, however, once an image is accepted to be published, it grants us the indefinite permission & licence to use your work and/or image in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetisation of Krome Magazine™.

Once a submission is accepted by Krome Magazine™, it must not be published in any other magazine, website, blog and Social Media networks. Once we realise that the images are published in these mediums before the particular issue is being released, we reserve the right to pull that submission from our issue without your consent.

We also request of you to use the Published images of your’s in your social media and web site to shout out to the world of your achievements, growing your status and standing in the International creative community.

About Krome Magazine™
A submissions driven new Fine Art Nude Portfolio Magazine. Krome Magazine™ features emerging Fine Art Photography creatives to new audiences through our rapidly growing social media network, web site and any other opportunities we get.

We want you to grow in exposure and opportunities as we grow.

Our Editorial Team and Advisors comprise of Photographers, Models, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists and other creatives with, collectively, hundreds of Magazines and Thousands of published images between them all.

We try and dedicate a page to each image
We try and refrain from overlaying images and graphic design on your artwork
We encourage the submission of Landscape format images
We try and feature, on our social media, as many images from your Editorial Submission as possible.
Premium Quality Magazine through
FB & Insta & Twitter: @KromeMagazine – 100% Organic Followers and Likes!
Previous Volumes & Issues - for Print Volumes

Contact Information
W: KromeMagazine.NET
Instagram: @KromeMagazine | | http://Instagram.KromeMagazine.NET
Facebook: @KromeMagazine | | http://FaceBook.KromeMagazine.NET
Twitter: @KromeMagazine | | http://Twitter.KromeMagazine.NET

Our Social Media
In really simple terms:
100% Organic – No bought followers
100% Organic – No bought likes for posts / stories etc
Any account suspected to be Fake / Spammy / Private / Irrelevant is blocked immediately

What does this mean for you? It means that accounts (that are following us) that are supporting your work (likes) / following you are most likely to be genuine and of quality!
How to spot BOUGHT Follower/ Likes Instagram accounts (these will then will purchase likes for posts to increase their ER (Engagement Ratios as they have bought followers that rarely engage) – use – e.g. – Requires a minimum of 1,000 followers before it will work – Check out our instagram account to see the highs and lows of a 100% Organic Instagram Account!

A number of Magazines appear to be employing this technique of bought followers and then bought likes (to compensate for their inactive bought followers) to entice submissions under false pretences of greater audiences and engagement and this is very disappointing to see. Check out what your favourite magazine is doing using the above link!

Pull Letters (Letter of Responsibility)
We are happy to provide you with a Pull Letter to enable you to secure what is required for a shoot that is being done EXCLUSIVELY for Krome Magazine™ for a period of 6 Months from submission date.

To enable us to provide you with a Pull Letter we require from you the following information in the format required on the form below (Pull Letter Request):

Editorial Shoot Theme & Concept – In a 2 Paragraph detail with conceptual drawings / examples of what you wish to achieve. The theme and concept is pertinent information as it provides insight into how your pieces will be represented.
Date, Times & Location of Shoot(S) – one for each shoot.
Names, social media handles and roles of parties involved (stylist, model, photographer, designer, assistants, creative director etc – of all parties involved).
Anything else that you feel may assist you in obtaining support from the Magazine.
Responsibility for EVERYTHING LIES WITH THE CREATIVES AND NOT THE MAGAZINE or its team. We encourage you to invite contributing parties to attend the shoot to assist in dressing and talking care of their varies items and a “All care – No responsibility” approach to reduce any potential financial risk to creatives. HOWEVER, if you damage items then no-one may loan you items again so be very careful and treat loaned items as valued possessions of your own or better!

Forms – Please use latest forms (below)
Photographer/Artist/Copyright owner’s Release Form – https://KROMEMagazine.NET/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/20200410-2222-PhotographerRelease.pdf - Updated 10th April 2020, 2222 hrs.

3rd Party Release Form – https://KROMEMagazine.NET/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/20200410-2222-3rdPartySubmissionAuthority.pdf - Updated 10th April 2020, 2222 hrs.

Creatives Credits Form – https://KROMEMagazine.NET/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/20200410-2222-Credits.txt - Updated 10th April 2020, 2222 hrs – PLEASE RETAIN as .TXT File and NOT .DOC and NOT .PDF etc – So we can COPY and PASTE credits easily.


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