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Call for Work

Volume Two

How It Works

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Image Requirements

4-20 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 1500 pixels on the longest side
Must be exclusive and unpublished


We'd love to see anything, so long as it's art.
This category is for photographic work or art, including but not limited to fashion editorials, nude shoots including striptease, beauty editorials, fine art, and still life. Both male and female (or non-binary) bodies and explorations of fetishes are welcome.

We do not provide free copies of our magazine to Kavyar contributors, but we will send out links to find them as well as tearsheets on request. We will share any SFW images on our Instagram page, but will not be able to share NSFW images.

Submitters are responsible for making sure that all information is correct. No corrections can be made after going to print. Submitters also verify that they have legal right to submit the images for publication, either as the copyright holder themselves or with permission from the copyright holder. Lavender Pink will not be held responsible for submissions made in error.

If you are submitting images that have been published in any other magazine, website, or social channel, please link them in the additional comments section along with an approximate date of when they were published.

The models featured do not have to be bisexual to be featured, nor does any member of your team. We're happy to publish anyone. Do however check that your team are happy to be published in a magazine aimed at the bisexual community.

Please make sure your photos DON’T have a logo/watermark as we will publish credits on the page in our own standardised format.

Team credits are essential for all submissions, and wardrobe credits where applicable. If for any reason a submission is published and an individual/s credit is missing, the person who submitted the feature will be held responsible. Along with model’s name, be sure to list their agency name if applicable.

By submitting to Lavender Pink you grant us the permission and full rights to use your work in any of our publications, in any media, websites, videos, promotion, marketing pieces, packaging for any product or service, advertisements, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation and dissemination, of Lavender Pink magazine and associated products. Content may be combined with other images, text, graphics, film, audio, audio-visual works. This public release is binding upon acceptance by Lavender Pink, irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual, and will be governed by law. We, including our media partners or collaborators, are held blameless for any and all disputes which arise out of your submissions. This statement will serve as a Release Form for any and all submissions. These rules are effective for any and all submissions, read or unread.

Lavender Pink is not responsible for any cost associated with the production of your submission, or subsequent costs following publication.

By submitting to Lavender Pink, you agree to the above terms and agreements.

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About Lavender Pink Magazine

A quarterly art nude magazine for the bisexual reader. Featuring fine art // photography // fetish // nude // personal stories // illustrations // male, female, and non-binary // & more.

Launching Volume One July 2020