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Life Is Art, So Live It!
Life is Art Magazine is an arts, culture, and entertainment magazine. We have featured incredible talent ranging from photographers, to filmmakers, musicians, writers, artists, interior designers, and more.

We love featuring work that addresses important issues such as BLM, LGBTQ, Renewable Energy, Animal Rights, Women's Empowerment, Sustainable Fashion, and other topics of interest.


We feature a combination of photo editorials, written articles, artist features, and exclusive interviews with celebrity figures/influencers such as...

"Stranger Things" Actor - Matty Cardarople @mattycardarople
"Peaky Blinders" Actor - Matthew Postlethwaite @matthewpostlethwaite
ABC's 'For Life" Actress - Tyla Harris @tylaanneharris
CBS's 'BULL' Actor - Alan R. Rodgriquez @alan.r.rodriquez
Top Model - Jarry Lee, @jarrylee
Entrepreneur & Speaker - Sara Al Madani @sara_almadani_
Entrepreneur & CEO - Armand Peri @lifeperiway
Emmy Nominated Director - Rachel Mason @futureclown
Celebrity Designer - Radmila Lolly @radmilalolly
Celebrity Stunt Man - Christopher Troy @christophertroyofficial
Musician - Katharina Boger @katharinaboger
Comedian | Motivational Speaker - Brian Breach @brianbreach
Real Estate Investor - Antonio Edwards @antonio_j_edwards
Self Made Millionaire - Tonee Marino @toneemarino
Self Made Millionaire - Isabella Barrett @isabellabarrett123
Pinkest Person in the World - Kitten K Sera @kittenkaysera
Author - Hana Noka @hannanoka
Actress - Ava Cantrell @avacantrell
Entrepreneur - Victor Garibay @victorgaribay
Celebrity Fitness Trainer - David Christopher @david_christopher_official
Celebrity Body Guard - Bubba Almony @bubbaalmony
Commerical Photographer: Tim Tadder @timtadder
and MORE!

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