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LUSH Magazine

About LUSH Magazine

LUSH online magazine which is published quarterly Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. LUSH Magazine is based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The magazine covers local, national and international fashion designers, fashion models, plus size fashion, plus size models, and beauty trends and more.

LUSH Magazine was established by its owner/founder Calandria Parker, In every issue Calandria strives to gratify readers with articles from fashion, beauty trends to the latest hairstyles and products. LUSH Magazine aims to motivate, inspire, and encourage readers to be fashionable, beautiful and explore new horizons.

Calandria work hard to give each artist the best exposure they deserve. She also make sure to change along with the fashion/beauty industry to deliver the most up to date fashion/beauty trends and products. Calandria understand fashion always evolving so she’s evolving with it.

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