About MAN

"After two decades of immortalizing beautiful young men on the covers and editorial pages of international magazines, Filipino photographer Lope Navo boldly creates his own men's fashion book for the masses. Navo's self-published periodical, MAN, is best described as a provocative exploration of the masculine mystique as uniquely seen through the lenses of pioneering American photographers."

—Stingray Magazine New York, July 2020

MAN Magazine was conceived during the days of quarantine in May 2020 as an 'Instagram Fanzine' by photographer Lope Navo. MAN features portraits, accompanied by not-so-standard Q&A of the most masculine- looking men on Earth, and boy next door type, who are mostly in the United States.

This following editions are the ‘transition volumes’, the culmination of the best selling fashion spreads from the digital issues.

MAN is now the sexiest new periodical celebrating the raw beauty of men, showcased in monograph format fashion editorials. MAN curates what’s next in luxury, sex, and fashion for masculine modern man.

Every issue is a rare collectible that’s easily sold out, and is very hard to get.

60 to 100 crisp pages of color, and black and white images printed on 8.5" x 11”.

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