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No. 8™ Magazine - Is a Creatives Portfolio Magazine - An established Fashion, Arts & Beauty Creatives Portfolio Magazine. We are curated, esteemed and substantial international fashion and beauty lifestyle publication featuring creatives and with circulations through most of the major creative communities and fashion capitals from around the world.

No. 8™ Magazine features established & emerging artists + brands in the Fashion + Arts + Beauty industry to new audiences through our growing social media network, web site and any other opportunities we get.

Led by our EIC, who is also a photographer, with over 1,150 images published in Magazines (other than No. 8™), Exhibited, on Book Covers etc around the World in just the last 6.5 years or so (since late 2013).

PS - our Social Score is low - because :

1 - Our account is PRIVATE MOST of the time (to avoid models being harassed by stalkers / fakes / irrelevant acct's etc) - so when Kavyar polls us they cannot accurately see our instagram interactions.

2 - We do NOT buy followers, We do NOT buy likes!

3 - Typical times when KAVYAR polls Social Media - it is on Private so it is not visible to be polled!

3 - Over approximately 5,000 accounts have been blocked already - if they have appeared to be spammy, unrelated, fakeISH, private etc we block!

4 - We believe in QUALITY FOLLOWERS & QUALITY LIKES over quantity!

No. 8™ Magazine is a quality publication which is aimed at drawing the attention of Major Model & Creative Talent Representative Agencies around the world and to also bringing Industry Creatives to the attention of major Brands and Influencers.

No. 8™ Magazine is what you want to take with you to your next casting or brand pitch!

** We try and dedicate a page to each image - so the visual impact is also there!

** We try and refrain from overlaying images and graphic design on your artwork

** We encourage the submission of Landscape format images

** We try and feature, on our social media, as many images from your Editorial Submission as possible (normally all of them- over a period of time).

** We are a "Premium" Quality Magazine through

** We offer the Print Magazine to you at a discounted price for about 2 weeks after it is released - then we increase the price after that by $17 USD.

** FB & Insta: @No8Magazine - 100% Organic Followers and Likes! -

Email -->> - Changes every month - so please be sure use the correct one. AND - For Submissions

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We no longer do these and recommend creatives to Submit to: http://Submissions.KROMEMagazine.NET/ OR http://Kavyar.LROMEMagazine.NET
** http://Instagram.KROMEMagazine.NET/
** http://Facebook.KROMEMagazine.NET/
** http://Twitter.KROMEMagazine.NET/ etc - You get the drift.

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