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Image Requirements

5-15 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 2000 pixels on the longest side
Must be exclusive and unpublished


OPEN CALL TO ALL CREATIVES: LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL! PINNK Magazine is now taking webitorial submissions.

This submissions page is for our online Magazine. The Creative's Hub is a place where we feature some of our favourite Fashion & Beauty editorials, Artists, Fashion Films, Musicians & Articles. Please take a look at the links below to see our online platform and the type of editorials we like to publish.


All images / editorials must be EXCLUSIVE - unpublished (print & online previously), unpublished on any & all social media websites & other public galleries - this excludes art submissions. Please note: if it is discovered that your editorial has been submitted and published in another publication or is on your social media pages, we reserve the rights to pull your editorial without notification.

Behind-The-Scenes images: Please don't forget to hashtag #pinnkmag in your behind-the-scene's posts. We love the behind-the-scenes shots but please only feature team shots & not just shots of the model which give too much of the idea of the shoot away and we don't want that.

Behind-The-Scenes videos & mini films are very welcome! We'd love to see them for review with your photographic submissions.

We are looking for images featuring high quality creativity & originality.
Don't copy other's work. We want to hear your voice, take risks, get crazy and try new things.

Images of models under 18 that contain nudity, implied nudity or represent unhealthy body imagery will not be accepted.

We do not publish editorials featuring models under 16 years of age.


Clothing does not have to be on-trend, the further away from on-trend, the better. We love individual style, the everyday and the avant garde! We are all about showcasing up & coming talent so please keep large, already established labels to a minimum. We also LOVE editorials featuring sustainable, vintage & repurposed fashion.

We like submissions to have a few different looks, these have more chance of being accepted than a series of photo's with one look in different poses.


Editorials can focus on makeup, hair, body art or special effects.

We would love to see submissions using products that are enviromentally sustainble, eco friendly, animal friendly.

We like submissions to have a few different looks, these have more chance of being accepted than a series of photo's with one look in different poses.

Get creative!

Please include a list for each look outlining what products you have used.


Editorials must feature a variety of images.

We require a brief artist / photographer statement (200 words or less), and a short description of the submitted artwork / images (medium, title, dimensions and any additional information).

All social media, contact & website links.


We do not pay for submissions as we are a new submission based magazine, hopefully this will change in the future. All your expenses from your shoots are your team's responsibility & money spent is at your own discretion.

We will send tear sheets of your editorial to use on social media, online photo galleries & portfolios once your editorial is live on the website.

Once the editorial is live on our website we will also dedicate our day on social media to your editorial, promoting your team & their work.

Please remember, we are a small team that are interested in what you have to share & we will get back to you if your submission is accepted or not so please be patient, we will get back to you.

By submitting images / artwork you grant PINNK Magazine a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, display, distribute, and publish your images / artwork in any PINNK Magazine materials.

You retain all other rights to your images / artwork and will always be credited.

About PINNK Magazine

The first issue of Fěn Hóng Sè Magazine was printed in both English & Mandarin back in January 2018, wanting to be more readily available to a culturally diverse Australia.

We ceased printing the Magazine in Mandarin back in 2019 as it was not drawing in the audience we wished to cater for and was no longer a viable option for us. So we made the decision to just print in English and have been moving on wards and upwards since then, supporting and showcasing the amazing talent of creatives across the World.

Now it is time for us to evolve, shedding our old skin and becoming what we reflect in our printed pages and our online presence. With a fresh look coming for our website we have also changed our name.

PINNK Magazine is a quarterly, submission based Australian magazine. We are a Digital and Print-on-Demand coffee table book concept available via Peecho around the world and the pages are filled with all things creative.

PINNK Magazine's sole purpose is to showcase the amazing talent we have locally in Australia and now expanding to include international talent.

PINNK Magazine will be focusing on Fashion, Music & Art (& the things that join them together) while promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly message through these subjects.
From mainstream to avant garde, emerging to established, electronic to rock & surrealism to realism - we have a passion for it all & we can't wait to publish & show this talent off to the rest of the World!
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