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Hello Promo Family!

We are always happy to receive new submissions for our curated web editorial platform. To make it easier for everyone. We have some exciting news for everyone, while most people are struggling to gain exposure we have decided to introduce email marketing for all creatives.

Here is how it works:
-Send in your work to us to be reviewed
-Within 24 hours you will receive an email stating that it will take us 2-3 days to prepare and send out your editorial
-We will create an email campaign for you and send it out to all of our contributors and influencers who are involved within the fashion industry.
-We will use the links you have provided
-We will also design spreads for you as well so you can have for your portfolio

This is a full service platform for marketing your work to other creates who we have worked with for over 8 years now. Imagine all of the exposure you will have from our email list.

This only applies to our Guarantee Publishing + Email Newsletter + Social Media option.

About Promo Magazine

The mission of Promo is a simple one: In the overcrowded, unedited online space, who can you trust to curate the conversation surrounding fashion and culture around the globe? Positioning ourselves as the ultimate authority & resource, the aim of Promo is threefold. One, to produce the strongest editorial coverage from the point-of-view of our internationally recognized editors, photographers and bloggers; Two, to engage Promo readers in fashion’s most exclusive and educated online community, and lastly to provide vast outlets and opportunities for advertisers and consumers.

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.- George Bernard
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