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Fashion & Beauty + Cover Opportunity | June 2021

How to Submit

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Important Dates

Estimated publication
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Decision no later than
Timeframes may change for upgraded submissions

Image Requirements

1-10 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
Allowed sizes (
flexible rules
Images may be larger. If aspect ratio does not match, images may be cropped to fit printed page.
Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)
Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)


• Beauty & Fashion
• Landscape & Architecture
• Still-Life & Art

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- Diversity is what makes PUMP Magazine so unique! All are welcome to generate submissions!

- If you are submitting the editorial and are not the photographer, you guarantee and represent that you are the sole and exclusive legal owner of all rights, title, and interest in all the work you submitted, including all related intellectual property interests; such as trademarks and copyrights. Photographer consent required to be approved for publishing. Submissions must meet our brand aesthetic to be accepted, for guaranteed options as well. For guaranteed options, you will be provided a chance to reupload your submission to meet our brand aesthetic which can also be found in our Moodboard, IG @PUMPMagazine, and on our website www.pumpfashionmag.com.

- Defend and indemnify the Publisher (PUMP Magazine) fully against all liabilities, damages, costs, debts, claims, and expenses which the Publisher may suffer or incur from a 3rd party claim where the material published infringes or misappropriates any third 3rd proprietary or intellectual property as a result of the breach of the above clause.

- Team credits are essential, if these are not included with your submission, your submission will not be published.

- Be sure to double check that all persons involved in the submission is included in the credits and their names are spelt correctly.

- To properly submit credits, the title/role/wardrobe type should be in lowercase with the first letter of each word capitalized. The contributor/team member's names/wardrobe names should be in all capitals. Instagram handles should be included, please do not send hyperlinks, please use the "@" symbol and the correct moniker. All credits should be listed in the description of your submission, as well as ALL team credits listed on the images (all Kavyar accounts tagged/linked to the images sent). Do not include team credits in the wardrobe credits.

Photographer: JOHN SMITH @Johnsmith
Makeup Artist: JANE SMITH @Janesmith
Model: JANE SMITH @Janesmith
Blazer: ZARA @Zara
Blouse: MANGO @Mango
Pants: ZARA @Zara

- If for any reason a submission is published and a individual/s credit is missing, the person who submitted the feature will be held responsible.

- Once an image is accepted to be published, it grants us the permission to use your work in any of our publications, covers, editorial features, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of PUMP Magazine.

- PUMP Magazine does not currently provide complimentary copies of our print-on-demand publication. However; our EiC selects work from each issue to promote on social media, our website, at events, and promotions. This is strictly decided upon by our EiC based on circulation of each edition, aesthetic of our platforms, and more. Please note, PUMP Magazine does not take requests for social media and/or website publishing. Website publishing is available via Pumptorial submissions. Redistribution of PUMP Magazine and it’s copies (digital and/or print) is strictly prohibited, submitters are provided Tearsheets to use and share with their team for distribution purposes.

- Revisions for submission error (credits, replacement of images) incurs a fee of $50.00 payable through Kavyar. Please contact PUMP via your original submission for revisions and we will provide a link to pay for the revision. PUMP reserves the right to refuse revisions. Revisions will not be made 30-days after the publication has been released.

- By submitting to PUMP Magazine, you agree to the above terms and agreements.

Thank you,

PUMP Magazine Team

About PUMP Magazine

PUMP Lifestyle Magazine featuring high-end fashion & beauty editorials!

Established in December of 2013, PUMP is an esteemed international fashion and beauty lifestyle publication circulating through countless major fashion capitals and communities around the world.

PUMP proudly provides a place for all. We feature artists from all over the globe from all walks of life, and enjoy celebrating what makes us all so beautiful and different from one another.

New or experienced artist? We want to work with you!

We are always looking to work with new artists while continuing to work with our loyal submitters and fan base with our dedication to excellence.
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