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"A walk in their shoes" - Issue II

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"Riyon’s second issue wants to be a call to empathy. We appeal to your sensitive and creative answer. In this issue we ask you to put yourselves in someone else’s shoes and walk along the same path.

We are too often so concerned about ourselves as to prove unable to hear the voices of those around us. Have you ever tried to wear the shoes of the ones who are part of a minority? Or put yourselves in our planet’s shoes, trying to make it a better place to live? The moment has finally come to join your voices and campaign for the same goal.

Riyon’s team trusts in a more inclusive and sensitive future; We believe in a new dimension whose key-word is respect. Who do you think is the other in our society? This is our question for you, it’s up to you to make the difference."

- Please, check the web-site https://www.riyonmag.com/submissions/ for seeing the moodboard with images!

- Minimum 3 different fashion looks (fashion editorials)
- Minimum 3 different mua looks (beauty editorials)

- All images must be retouched and edited

- You have to be the copyright holder to the images being submitted, or you have permission from the copyright holder to submit the images.


- Please check the names of designers, models and team members.


- The must look like:
Brands are @gucci, @rogervivier, ..
and so on

- include all fashion brands from the editorial.

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