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Call for Work

Fashion and Design (Web & Social Media)

How It Works

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Image Requirements

9-30 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 2000 pixels on the longest side
Must be exclusive and unpublished



·Editorials: Fashion, Beauty, Portraits, Conceptual, Exterior, Interior, Men, Women, etc.
·Editorials: Illustration, Painting, Design.
·Partial or full nudity is permitted, as long as it is implemented in a tasteful manner.
·We prefer editorials that feature an emerging designer/brand; of course, we also love
those already recognized. Thrifted and vintage clothes are more than welcome.

General requirements:
·For PRINTED EDITORIALS and/or WEB, the images must be exclusive and unpublished.
·Images must not contain logos/watermarks.
·All material sent must be the final product.
·All credits must be placed within the Kavyar platform system
in the following order; If you can't find a member, add it.
·Team: Photographer, Art Direction, Model/s, Styling, Makeup, Hairstyle, Retoucher, others.
·Costume credits:
·Garment: Designer / Brand (@cuentaIG)
·Make sure all credits are correct; these will be published exactly as you write them.
·Any mistake will not be our responsibility and the correction will generate a fee.
·Sign the following document and send it in PDF format with your proposal. (

Recommendations to be published:
·Be simple and creative, keep your concept clean.
·Create a story thread.
·Include different frames in your editorial. (horizontal, vertical, portrait, full-body, medium, close up/detail, etc.)
·Create a color palette.
·The more looks, the better. Not too casual. Not too formal.
·Models with unique features.

When you share your material, once published, please use the following resources to tag us:
·IG: @asimplemag & #asimplemag
·FB: @simplemag

*The Editor reserves the right to reject your proposal if it does not meet the, or any, of the requirements.
Additionally, the violation of our guidelines implies permanent blocking in our list of collaborators.*

Possible rejection reasons:
·It does not meet our requirements or vision.
·There is no space left (printed) to publish.
·The wardrobe, brand/designer, makeup look is repeated trough the Editorial.
·There is no narrative thread or you have not sent enough images to tell a story.
·You did not leave enough space for the adjustment of the photographs.
·You have not signed the Content Release Form and Responsibility Disclaimer.

About Simple Mag

Simple Mag is a fashion & editorial magazine based in México. 

We are a submission-based magazine that aims to showcase the best works of established and emerging artists in the fashion scene. 

We know that in fashion, to produce a single mesmerizing image requires a huge team effort and expertise from all its members. We want to inspire each and every one of them.

​Simple Mag is constantly looking for creatives to showcase their work and to inspire others. Whether you are well established or just starting out, if you feel your work can inspire others and would like to be featured, please submit your work to us.

Take a look at our General Guidelines.