Smodè Publications is a glossy, international brand featuring an eclectic mix of high-profile industry leaders, photographers, and creative artists worldwide, going behind the scenes with some of the world's most influential talents.

The magazine commissions top writers and photographers to report on current world affairs, cultural matters, relevant information, and pressing issues also covering top stories, elite features, trending topics, and global achievements within Fashion, Lifestyle, Arts, Entertainment, Business, Health & Beauty.

Smodè Magazine is a must-read, with every issue unique to its own theme and aesthetics published in print on a bi-monthly basis, and an up-to-date digital version published on a monthly basis.

Terms and Conditions

As part of our terms and conditions we tentatively accept all submissions once they have been submitted to us, this prevents your submission from automatically getting declined and moved into a different category by Kavyar. Once our editorial board has made an informed decision on the work that we will publish, you will receive written notice with full press release dates and further publication details.


Free Standard Submission Includes:

A standard rejection or approval decision, reviewed in the order the submission was received. Does not guarantee publishing with our Publications, submissions may be rejected at any time.

Paid Submissions Includes:

Faster approval, a chance to be featured on the cover of Smode Magazine, Priority feedback.
Your submission will be prioritized above free submissions. Get response and feedback within 72 hours. You will be issued an immediate full refund in such a case submission is rejected and will be reviewed for our digital publications instead. "Paid Submissions" almost certainly guarantee to publish, it provides you with a stronger opportunity to be featured on our cover issues, however, like "Free Submissions" we reserve the right to withdraw submissions at any time with written notices and full immediate refunds if materials do not meet our standard requirements.


You may cancel within 7 days after submitting for all Paid Submissions, up to 10 days cancellation for all Free Standard Submissions. If you cancel a submission after the 7 or 10 days grace period, we reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee of £20.00 GBP. This means that if your submission has been pre. approved, you have received communication and digital tearsheets from our editorial department via email, you are liable for the penalty.

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]