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SOME Magazine - Spring 2022 Issue [Digital + Print-on-Demand]

How to Submit

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Important Dates

Estimated publication
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Decision no later than
Timeframes may change for upgraded submissions

Image Requirements

6-20 images
JPG or TIF format
CMYK color profile
Must be exclusive and unpublished
Copyright owner only



SOME Magazine - Spring 2022 Issue
Publication Date: March 2022
Formats: Digital + Print-on-Demand

Editorials will be published in our Digital Version (SOME Website and Issuu) and Print-on-Demand Version + Blog Post and Social Media Post.



We love a creative approach when it comes to our issue's themes. Use it as a guide or a starting point. It doesn't always have to be literal.

Please note that SOME Magazine issues are theme-oriented. This means that we will be accepting submissions that either fit the theme directly, fit the current season or fit the issue in any way at the Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director's discretion.

That being said, you can still submit even if you feel that your editorial is not directly related to the theme, but theme-related editorials will always be the priority.

#fashion #beauty #portrait #erotic #fineart #streetart #art #photojournalism


SOME Magazine is a Fashion and Art Publication.

-Submit 6-20 images.
-Fashion-related photo work.
-We are looking for innovative content; Don't be afraid to experiment.
-Multiple looks recommended.
-Nudity is always welcome.
-Images must be from the same series.

*We can only accept Fashion Stories that have never been published before by any means prior to publication in this magazine. In case the material is published before the issue comes out, we reserve the right to pull the story off the magazine or request you to take it down until the magazine is released.*

-Submit 6-20 images.
- All kinds of visual/graphic work. (Any artistic expression or media.)
- Video Artists can submit video stills as images.
- Performance, Installation and 3-Dimensional artists can submit documentation of their work.
-Nudity and Erotic Artwork is always welcome.
-Single images or series.


-236mm x 306mm (Minimum Dimensions for Portrait)
-466mm x 306mm (Minimum Dimensions for Landscape)
-Hi Res JPEG or TIFF Only

With every submission, you must include:
-Fashion Credits (team, wardrobe, etc.)
-Artwork Info (title, year, media, etc.)
-Website/Portfolio Links
-Instagram Handles

If your submission is accepted, we will need you to send a brief bio and a portrait for the Contributors Page.

You can send the files via email:
[email protected]


At the moment, we don't offer cover options. Every issue cover is selected during the final stage of the layout process by the Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director and will be decided based on how well it fits the issue's particular theme and design. We believe that by doing it this way it gives every contributor equal opportunity to get the cover, plus it keeps the process exciting.


Check out our Past Issues ( ) and SOME Diary ( ) to get an idea of the content we publish and/or like.


SOME Magazine is a fresh, sexy and fun publication (our tagline is "Do you want SOME?"). We publish nude and erotic stories (photography or any media).


Tearsheets will be provided to our Contributors in JPG and PDF format.

Standard Option: Tearsheets + Digital Copy may take up to 28 days after date of publication.
Priority Option: Tearsheets + Digital Copy will be sent 7 days after date of publication.


If your submission gets accepted and you have any BTS/Making Of material (photos or videos), we would love to have them for promo in our blog and social media.

You can send the files/links via email:
[email protected]

When sharing on Social Media, please include the following:




-SOME is fresh, sexy and fun.
-Nudity is always welcome.
-We prefer natural looking skin and bodies when it comes to post-processing (unless it is part of the concept).
-Images must be edited and ready for publication, but please avoid over-retouching.
-Check out SOME Magazine ( and SOME Diary ( to get an idea of the content we publish and/or like.
-Only submit if you own the rights to the submitted work.
-Be aware that if your work is accepted and published we might use it for promotion always including the respective credits.
-We might not use all images provided and images could be cropped if necessary for layout design purposes.
-Submission does not guarantee publication.
-The publisher reserves the right to refuse any submitted material.
-We do not provide hard copies of the magazine and/or pay for shootings.

• Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be taken into consideration. •

About SOME Magazine

SOME is an independently-published international magazine based in Puerto Rico. The magazine is published quarterly in digital format. We are devoted to fashion, art and design. SOME is a reference guide for personal style and is expected to inspire rather than dictate.

Our objective is to end monotony by being spontaneous. We want our readers to become self-conscious when establishing their personal styles and be inspired by everything that surrounds them. We encourage people to pursue individuality and uniqueness. We incite everybody to exploit imagination and to take risks when it comes to the creative process therefore we give our contributors the freedom an artist deserves.
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Submitter Protection
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