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Call for Work

Oct Fashion and Beauty

Image Requirements

5-10 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
Allowed sizes (
flexible rules
Images may be larger. If aspect ratio does not match, images may be cropped to fit printed page.
Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)
Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)
Must be exclusive and unpublished



- Be sure to include a title for your editorial, along with team & clothing credits (where applicable)

- For team credits, list all related agencies & management firms.

- For clothing credits, list each article of clothing featured, along with the designer/brand name.

- Please double-check to make sure all credit information is accurate! Credits will be published exactly as sent. Any errors will not be our responsibility.

- We strongly prefer editorials that either features inexpensive clothing items or those of an up-and-coming designer or brand. (Though, we will occasionally make exceptions if the quality of the editorial is strong.) Thrifted & vintage items are more than welcome, too!

- For fashion submissions, DO NOT submit a set of images with models wearing the same look. That does not qualify as a fashion story & will be rejected. Models should wear a variety of hair/makeup looks for beauty submissions, as well.

- Try to include different image types in your editorial. (landscape, portrait, full-length, close-up, etc.)

- Images should not have been published through any other form of print or online media (with the exception of your own promotional tools — your website, blog, portfolio, cards, etc.)
- Note that all payments in this category are not refundable.

Must be exclusive and unpublished

1. We are constantly seeking beauty/fashion editorial material for web promotion. Please feel free to submit works that meet these genres. Visit our instagram to see what type of work we support.

2. Please do not submit imagery with nudity

Work should be unpublished. We reserve the right to pull editorials, if we find the imagery published in another magazine or on social media

Models of all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, and genders will be considered. Diversity is what makes us so unique.

We accept fashion, beauty, and written submissions.
**Please keep in mind once you have submitted, been accepted for either Feature, Cover or Back Cover and you have made the payment, it is non refundable**

We welcome submissions from designers and brands as well as emerging photographers and their teams.

Unfortunately we do not supply free copies of the magazine.
This is simply because of printing and designing cost. However we will happily provide links to the information of where the magazine can be purchased for Digital or Print

Surreal Mag gives you the opportunity to contribute your work and have it published in a high-end independent publication. We constantly publish work from talented individuals from all over the world. That is where you come in. We are seeking highly creative content for the next issue. We want to showcase Ornate Fashion Artistry with Dark Undertones, Conceptual Photography, Avant-Garde, Extreme Headpieces, Cutting-Edge Photography, Dark Fashion, and High Fashion. We want to bring the art and passion of fashion together in a collective of storytelling photography. We have no theme set and we encourage (but do not require) previously unreleased (posted online) images. But we do LOVE EXCLUSIVE IMAGES. We do require them to be unpublished in other magazines.

Due to numerous submissions and acceptance lately. Once your submission has been processed, put into a layout and uploaded to Magcloud, it cannot and will not be pulled unless you pay for the time it will take the Layout Designer to redo the Issue. This includes leaving out credits. Anything you have changed mind on will now charge $30 to pull from or correct credits in the layout. That is extremely generous considering that it could take a few hours to delete your images, do page reordering, numbering and reuploading to Magcloud. Please, be respectful. Read the rules BEFORE submitting. Thank you.

About Surreal Beauty

Surreal Mag is a promotional magazine based out of Ansbach, Germany. We are predominantly centered on Beauty and Fashion. Founded by Kathy Richards in September o 2013, our goal is to promote not only well-known Photographers and Models but those just starting out. Surreal Beauty was created to bring such talented individuals together in one forum, where they can collaborate and initiate some of their best creative works. Along with a quickly growing and talented team, Surreal Beauty has steadily risen to be a strong promoter of Photography, Fashion, and Modeling.

We showcase Avant-Garde Fashion and Beauty Editorials as well as Outstanding Artists of all types. Our unique vision melds the romance of the written word with fashion-forward visual overloads, as well as a little bit of magic.

We accept submissions from emerging photographers and their creative teams, artists, musicians, bands, bloggers, creative writers, filmmakers, and fashion designers/brands.

Unfortunately we do not supply free copies of the magazine. If you want rushed tearsheets there is an option for that
This is simply because of printing and designing cost. However we will happily provide links to the information of where the magazine can be purchased for Digital or Print

*CEO/Editor in Chief: Kathy Richards
*Layout/Graphic Designer: Troy Cooper
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