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Image Requirements

1-12 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 1500 pixels on the longest side
Must be exclusive and unpublished


* This submission has two steps. The first one is the Review Step.
Once accepted in the Review Step, you will need to re-submit in the "APPROVED STEP" section, which is the final step.
* We must review and accept your image before you can move to the second step.
* Please note that in order to be published with an image on our Instagram Page, you must submit to the final step, and the "APPROVED STEP" submission is NOT free of charge.


Please submit a "Standard Submission" (FREE) for review.
For a faster response, you may choose the "Priority Upgrade".


Once you`re approved in step one, we will message you and release the images from the "Approved Step".

Please note that the cover submission is not free of cost.

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