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How to Submit

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Important Dates

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Exclusivity released
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Decision no later than
Timeframes may change for upgraded submissions

Image Requirements

6-16 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
Allowed sizes (
strict rules
Size may be larger, but aspect ratio must be correct
Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)
Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)
Copyright owner only


By submitting to ULTIMATE TRENDY MAGAZINE you are stating that we have rights to use the images submitted!

For this issue our theme is: HOT SUMMER. Each image submitted needs to incorporate a story within the fashion/editorial vibe. So get creative, please include minimum 3 looks per submission.
Swimsuit, hot swimsuit, swimwear, and beachwear fashion photos will be accepted.

We are open to submissions from all genders and races and do take nude submissions so long as they're tastefully done.

A cancellation fee of $25 will occur if you attempt to pull your submission after it already being accepted.

Any changes to an already existing editorial after publishing will require a $50 payment made payable through PayPal as we publish exactly how the crediting is submitted.

Warning: remember that in case of an excessive number of submissions some of your series will be published in our affiliate magazines: Hyperion Mag (US), NuModa Magazine (Italy) and Stylable (Argentina).

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