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UNBOUND Fine Art & Street Photography
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Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)
Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)
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Thanks for choosing to submit your work to UNBOUND Magazine! This call for work is open to photographers,, models, agencies, makeup artists, designers, celebrities, and event coordinators over 18-years old worldwide, with accepted photography submission themes to include (but not limited to) Fine Art, Beauty, Portrait, Artistic Nude, and Street Photography for print and digital (online) publication in one of our October titles for UNBOUND Fine Art Photography and/or UNBOUND Magazine - both published by UNBOUND MAGAZINE LLC.

All submissions should be made via KAVYAR at www.kavyar.com/unbound-magazine

1. Editorial submissions should consist of a minimum of 4-12 different images. (Average editorial-spread is around 4-7 pages)
2. We prefer exclusive content, however we gladly accept any previously published artwork with priority be given to exclusive content.
3. If your submission is selected for publishing, please review all credits and Instagram handles before the expected publication date.
*** For team credits, list all the related agencies and management firms if applicable. (e.g. Photographer: Brock Glam @ XYZ Management, Model: Jane Doe @ DEF Agency, etc.)
*** For clothing/wardrobe credits, list each article of clothing featured, along with the designer/brand name. (Same for any beauty products used.)
*** Be sure to list clothing credits with the corresponding file name, so we know which photo you’re referring to. (e.g. Photo_123: ABC BRAND top, DEF LABEL heels, etc.)
4. Please double-check the necessary details to make sure all information is accurate. Credits are published exactly as sent, and there will be a $20 fee for all corrections AFTER publishing for errors on part of the submitting party.
5. Please make sure all images are sized accordingly for publication for 8.5×11 inches at 300 dpi.
6. We require HIGH RESOLUTION images in JPEG, RAW or TIFF format.
7. Lastly, be sure to include a SHORT and UNIQUE title for your editorial that suits your content.

By submitting your work you grant UNBOUND MAGAZINE the right to publish your material in any of our print or online platforms such as website, Instagram, Facebook, Kavyar, etc. Once UNBOUND MAGAZINE accepts your submission, we reserve the right to publish all or some of your images. If we choose not to publish your photos, you will receive a rejected message, leaving you free to submit them elsewhere.

Rejection of submission may be because of the following reasons:
* Your submission did not fully adhere to our guidelines.
* The style of your images did not fit our magazine, at the time.
* Your images did not fit the current issues aesthetic or season.
* We’ve reached our maximum page count for a particular issue.
* Low quality, distorted and blurred images
* Bad skin editing
* Redundant posing/images.
* Repeated expression.
* Images contain watermarks.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, the production process can take up to 3-4 weeks. Please note that we prioritize paid submissions but have always accepted and published unpaid work and strive to keep free submissions a priority in our primary title. Regarding priority submissions, we aim to complete the production process within 7-14 days and will send notification once the magazine is published.

We will try our best to respond to every email or message in Kavyar. Additionally, we typically only contact photographers/artists whose work we are interested in publishing. Submissions sent by email can take up to 4-6 weeks to be approved or be rejected as our current submission priorities are given to Kavyar submitters.

By submitting your work to UNBOUND MAGAZINE, you (the photographer/artist) retain full copyrights of the submitted image(s), but grant UNBOUND MAGAZINE publishing rights. Additionally, any public display of images submitted for EXCLUSIVE features (including social media channels) should be credited to UNBOUND MAGAZINE. Lastly, UNBOUND MAGAZINE will retain non-exclusive publishing, promotion, usage and licensing rights, across all forms of print and online media used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of image(s) submitted to UNBOUND MAGAZINE.

By submitting materials, you (the photographer/artist) agree on the terms and conditions of set forth by UNBOUND MAGAZINE:
1. I (photographer/artist) own this image(s), and I own all the rights, including copyright, necessary to submit this image(s) to photographer/artist.
2. I am the sole owner of the copyright on this Photograph, and I understand that I am granting UNBOUND MAGAZINE the non-exclusive right to use it in the following ways:
- to publish in print, online and in PDF format in UNBOUND MAGAZINE - to publish it on social media (FB, Instagram, Kavyar, etc) and/or on UNBOUND MAGAZINE LLC’s website, which shall include the photographer’s name and team. UNBOUND MAGAZINE will not license or otherwise use the image(s) submitted for commercial activities beyond the scopes listed above.
3. I consent to indemnify UNBOUND MAGAZINE against any claim, demand, action, suit, or other proceedings against UNBOUND MAGAZINE arising out of the use of the image(s) submitted and related to any false or inaccurate statement.
4. I grant this authorization free of charge.

Once an issue is released it is available for purchase via UNBOUND MAGAZINE’s MagCloud page at www.magcloud.com/user/unboundmagazine.
Print copies are generally priced at $19.95 USD with digital copies available for free.
The purchase link will be sent to you on the day of release with tear-sheets sent upon request.

* PAYMENT is not REFUNDABLE after your work has been published. Average publication is 14-30 days.
* CANCELLATION FEE is $100.00 and payable through our PayPal Account. Make sure that your decision to submit your works to UNBOUND MAGAZINE is FINAL, and if you request to remove your images after the date of publication, the cancellation fee will take effect immediately as we will have to redo the magazine completely.

Please feel free to follow UNBOUND MAGAZINE on Instagram @unboundwebmag. You can also find UNBOUND MAGAZINE on Facebook and Twitter with the @unboundwebmag handle!
About UNBOUND Magazine
(adj.) freed from bonds or restraints
UNBOUND Magazine is a print magazine featuring a variety of photography themes from both inspiring, emerging, and established photographers, with an emphasis on women and men’s fashion, beauty, glamour, fantasy and cosplay, fine art, boudoir, and portrait photography as well as photographer, model, and other artist interviews, musician and band reviews, and both conceptual and critical editorials. Our titles include UNBOUND Magazine, UNBOUND Fashion & Glamour, UNBOUND Fine Art Photography, BOUND Magazine, Bed Bath & Boudoir, and UNBOUND IMAGINARIUM.
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