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Image Requirements

4-12 images
JPG, PNG, or TIF format
sRGB color profile
Allowed sizes (
flexible rules
Images may be larger. If aspect ratio does not match, images may be cropped to fit printed page.
Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)
Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)
Must be exclusive and unpublished


We are continuously accepting submissions all year-around for both our Digital and Print portions of Unfashion Magazine.

There are no specifications on what you shall submit. You are free to let your mind go artistically as an Artist should. Anything low-quality will be turned down immediately. No acceptions.

Please state ALL creatives involved in anyway (if any). Also, include the following information below for each piece submitted either on a separate doc or by tagging.


This will be a part of your Artist Statement Card. Very important you follow all directions.

Please Note: By submitting and allowing us to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications. This includes, but not limited to, websites, social media, ads, and monetization for Unfashion Magazine.

About Unfashion Magazine

Unfashion Magazine officially launched in July of 2015. Our independent magazine is a High-Fashion Menswear + Fine Art publication. Featuring all exclusive content. Inside you will see beautifully crafted & daring editorials, captivating articles from beloved fashion writers/bloggers, conversations with industry professionals, celebrities, and musicians who we feel deserve the utmost respect, showcasing mastered pieces of art from a wide range of mediums like the Louvre. Celebrities who are revamped and put into breath-taking spreads you would not want to miss. Available via print and digital worldwide. Everything featured within is submitted from creatives all around the world. Donations to International Child Art Foundation (icaf.org) for every issue sold. #fashionforacause #unfashionmag

Join us as we redefine Fashion and Art forever!
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