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Call for Work


Image Requirements

4-8 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
At least 1500 pixels on the longest side


50% of all incoming submissions are declined because of bad retouching. We want to give young photographers an opportunity to be published within high-quality magazines (including VOLANT) around the world. Our retouching services are not bound to a publication within VOLANT, but you can still decide to be published within VOLANT magazine. Our partner retouching studio in Germany will take care of your photos and make them stand out as they should. We’re focused on fashion & beauty editorials for Magazines.

Why outsource your retouching process?

By giving your photos to professional retouchers, you will benefit from years of experience in the industry.
We work according to your guidelines and consult in the process. Significant knowledge about trends, styles and markets allows us to find the best way to process your images to the max.
Retouching is time consuming - if you do the post production on your own, you can’t use that time for your actual profession (?) - photography.

Who is retouching for you?

Volant works with a retouching studio based in Germany. Their retouchers work on editorials for big Magazines such as Vogue, Elle, L’officiel or Marie Claire as well as billboard campaigns, social media campaigns, lookbooks etc. for clients from smaller brands to big name brands.

*** Guidelines for our retouching services ***

* Submit unretouched, low resolution preview images of your editorial
* Let us know if you’d prefer a publication within VOLANT or just want to book our retouching services
* Send RAW-Files after acceptance of your editorial via file-transfer service
* Communcation via Kavyar ONLY

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