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Women Fitness has seven properties, namely
Forbes rated Top 100, a twenty-years-old website https://www.womenfitness.net/ (with 150 countries edition),
An Indian-centric women's fitness website https://www.womenfitness.org/,
A weekly International newsletter Women Fitness E-Mag,
A bi-monthly international digital Magazine "Women Fitness",
An international print Magazine" Women Fitness",
A monthly Indian digital Magazine" Women Fitness India",
an Indian print Magazine" Women Fitness India".

We interviewed Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de León https://www.womenfitness.net/miss-world-vanessa-ponce-de-leon/
Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray https://www.womenfitness.net/catriona-gray
Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh https://www.womenfitness.net/toni_ann_singh/

Proposal for a model/celebrity to be featured and interviewed on the cover of Women Fitness Magazine

We shall be delighted to feature a leading model/celebrity on the Cover of Women Fitness Magazine digital and print edition.

Apart from covering a model/celebrity on the Cover Page of Women Fitness, we shall also do with her a center spread and a five-page interview with her in the Women Fitness International magazine, which shall cover topics like health, fitness, about her Instagram, handle social media channels, and her journey to success. She shall also be provided an advance digital copy of the magazine before it goes into final publishing for approval.

Benefits to a Model/Celebrity:

1. To grace the prestigious Cover of Women Fitness Magazine Digital edition which provides Model/Celebrity exposure to and recognition among the audience of Women Fitness Digital magazine. Being published on the cover also provides Model/Celebrity with the mark of authenticity and authority that the women audience believes in. This faith of visitors has been built over a number of years.

2. Model/Celebrity also get to appear on the Cover of Women Fitness Magazine Digital edition, which goes to subscribers worldwide in 150 countries through Magzter.com (World No.1 Digital Magazine Store) and Readly.com (World No 1 Magazine reading App)

3. Model/Celebrity also gets a center spread and a five-page interview in the magazine. An extreme exposure with a total memory recalls from the audience. This interview shall cover topics like health, fitness, her website/social media, and her journey to success.

4. Model/Celebrity are also accorded an opportunity to contribute an article and link back to her website/social media channels.

5. Model/Celebrity Interview shall also appear on our website https://www.womenfitness.net/. A Forbes top 100 websites for women. Women Fitness has an audience of millions of viewers per month in 150 countries. This interview shall also have links back to her website and social media channels.

6. Model/Celebrity Interview also appears on our "Women Fitness Magazine" App, available both on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


1. The price to feature on Women Fitness International Magazine Cover and with all the above added bundled confirmed benefits is $3000.

2. In case a Model/Celebrity needs the back cover of the magazine it is priced at $1500, Plus all other above benefits.

3. Only a Two-page interview with two images interview feature of Model/Celebrity inside the magazine, it is priced at $1000.

Step by Step Procedure to feature on Women Fitness International Magazine.

The Modalities of featuring a Model/Celebrity on the cover of Women Fitness International digital and print edition are as follows:

Model/Celebrity may provide the following:

1. A brief profile/ introduction about her to be added inside the magazine about her feature on the Cover of Women Fitness Magazine.

2. We shall then send her an interview questionnaire. She shall provide answers to her interview questionnaire that shall be based on topics like health, fitness, her Instagram handle, social media channels, her website, and her journey to success.

3. Any article that she may wish to contribute, she may submit, subject to editorial approval.

4. High-resolution images with full photo credits: Two face closeup and five other images preferably in fitness attire, Glamorous attire, and Casual attire may be indoor or outdoor locations. Or Model/Celebrity may also send images that she thinks are great. No nude images or suggestive nudity.

We shall choose from these images to create the Cover, Interview in the magazine and send it to the Model/Celebrity for approval.
Once she approves the magazine shall be published.

5. We shall also need at least two images for the center spread, preferably in a lying-down pose.

Once we have the images, our creative team shall start the work to create two or three options for the Women Fitness Magazine Cover for her to choose from.

We shall provide Model/Celebrity the cover for approval by end of the month of submission. Complete Magazine for approval by 15th of Next Month. And published the next coming month. For example Cover by 15th January, Complete magazine by 15th February, and final Women Fitness Magazine published by 7th of March on all platforms.

It takes about 20-30 days to finally complete the magazine for publishing.

Once confirmation and approval from Model/Celebrity, the Magazine shall then go into publishing and printing.

All standard conditions of Kavyar for publishers are acceptable.

About Women Fitness Magazine

About Women Fitness Magazine

Women Fitness International Magazine is a no advertisement magazine focused on the best of content and quality. Established in 2017 by the parent company Women Fitness which a 21 year old Forbes Top 100 Women Websites www.womenfitness.net.

Women Fitness International Magazine features and subscribers enjoy reading it at their leisure the latest articles on Diet, Nutrition, Healthy Recipes, Weight loss, Beauty, Workout, Skincare, Haircare, Exercise Yoga, Pregnancy, Celebrity Interviews of actresses, fitness trainers, sportsperson!

Women Fitness Magazine is an esteemed international women's health, fitness, and beauty lifestyle publication circulating through 196 countries and communities around the world.

Women Fitness International Magazine is proud to present leading celebrities, supermodels, actresses, athletes, and sports champions in their candid and exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President of Women Fitness. These female celebrities and stars lay open their bare heart to reveal their deepest secrets about their life, as to how they reached the pinnacle of success. They reveal their lifestyle, belief, workout, diet and mantra of success. Language, region, countries, color, religion, and background seem irrelevant to them in reaching the peak in their career. They all have one common mantra “Sincere hard work, hard work, and more hard work”.

New or experienced artist? We want to work with you! We are always looking to work with new artists while continuing to work with our loyal submitters and fan base of millions with our dedication to excellence.

Women Fitnes Magazine is available in more than 196 countries through Magzter, World No. 1 Global digital magazine newsstand, and also available on Readly.com, World No.1 Magazine reading App and print copies directly to subscribers.

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