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Call for Work

Fashion & Beauty

Image Requirements

10-30 images
JPG format
sRGB color profile
Allowed sizes (
flexible rules
Images may be larger. If aspect ratio does not match, images may be cropped to fit printed page.
Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)
Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)
Must be exclusive and unpublished


*** PLEASE Be SURE to Submit CREDITS FORM - - RETAIN as TEXT file please - No need for KAVYAR CREDITS
*** PLEASE supply Whatsapp / Signal Number - so we can send proofs and get approval - SAVES a LOT of Heartache!

Content can be:
** Avant-Garde Concepts
** Fashion
** Illustrations
** Beauty – Hair and Makeup focused shoots
** Fitness
** Swimwear (can only include Implied Nude (top 1/2))
** Glamour / Lingerie & Implied Nude (top 1/2)
** Tattoo (can only include Implied Nude (top 1/2))
** Face & Body Painting (can only include Implied Nude (top 1/2))
** Major Fashion Week / Big Fashion Event images
** Nude / Implied Nude
** Bridal
** Basically (almost) anything involving people that is tasteful and editorial.


** Minimum of 10 Images - Full Size, .JPG, 300 DPI, AdobeRGB(1998), No Watermarks - The more to choose from the better
** Dropbox / WeTransfer Link by Email / through
** Include your WhatsApp / Signal Number (install if you need to) for quick correspondence please.
** Include Release Forms (optional) and Credits Text File (MUST DO - links to the forms are at bottom of Page also)
** Multiple Submissions - Create Subfolders and include Credits file for each folder of images - Send link to parent (Main) folder only please that contains the sub-folders.


1 – 10 to 30 images is recommended for submission – Minimum of 10 images so we know you have variety in your submission, along with a Submission Title / Story Title, Credits for Creatives and relevant forms (see bottom of page) - The more to choose from the better

2 – Full Size, .JPG, 300 DPI, AdobeRGB(1998) colour profile, No Watermarks.

3 – Allowed sizes Portrait: PREFER FULL SIZE - however, as a MINIMUM -->> 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px) 4 – Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px), AdobeRGB(1998) colour profile. We reserve the right to crop / alter the submitted images as required to suit the Magazine layout and content.

4 – Try to keep editing to a minimum but professional – so as to not make the model look like a sculpture, android / humanoid etc but rather as herself.

5 – Skin blemishes / creases must be removed – whilst still retaining a natural skin look to the Models images.

6 – Images should be exclusive and unpublished (ideally), however we are flexible with this - depending on content - Submit and you will get a response) for Print & Webitorial (EiC’s Discretion as to exclusive / unpublished) & with NO WATERMARKS please.

7 – Cover (for Print Issues) and/or Feature Image (for Webitorials) will selected by an Editorial Panel at the Magazine. It is very competitive and standards are high. We look for 'different' when we choose our cover images!

8 – Submissions with models under 18 yo must be accompanied with a Lawful Model Release signed by a Authorised Parent or Guardian – with the authorised consenting Adult’s email and phone contacts in International phone format.

9 – Images used on Social Media must be the unaltered and actual published images in No. 8™ Magazine so that the Magazine gets credited for the work as well.

10 – Submissions must be by the Copyright Owner (normally the Photographer) or an Authorised Delegate (authorised delegate form (form at bottom of page) must be placed in your Dropbox Folder along with images and Credits (form at bottom of page) file.

11 – Copyright owner is to complete the Release form (form at bottom of page) which must  accompany each new submission by a Copyright owner, and placed in your Dropbox Folder along with images and Credits (form at bottom of page) file. Credits form is not required if submitting through

12 - Credits need to be completed (by submitter - form at bottom of page) - and placed in your Dropbox Folder, along with your images. Credits form is not required if submitting through

13 – Withdrawing of submissions is only permitted prior to 7 clear calendar days prior to initially scheduled publication date and time.

14 – Email us with a Dropbox / WeTransfer link or KAVYAR Portal Submission ( containing your High Resolution Images (specifications above) + Text File (.txt or .rtf) with Submission Title & Credits of Creatives + Wardrobe + Best Email + Best Mobile / Cell / Whatsapp / Signal number so we can quickly resolve any questions.

Multiple Submissions - Create Subfolders and include Credits file for each folder of images - Send link to parent (Main) folder only please that contains the sub-folders.

We are a small team and if we are unable to wait for an email reply to verify / clarify something then we will either drop the submission or proceed with the content as best we can and will not be correcting anything.

We also use Whatsapp / Signal to send you proofs and get responses back quickly / immediately so we can fix it straight away and move onto the next layout. It WORKS extremely well!

15 – FREE Tearsheets will be provided by way of Dropbox within 14 days, under normal circumstances. DISCOUNTED Print copies may be purchased (for 2 WEEKS) after the Magazine is released and link will be provided to contributors to also share. After that the prices rises by $15 USD)

16 – Creatives withdrawing a submission after it is accepted for publication will incur a fee of $55USD (if the withdrawal of submission is granted by the Magazine) to cover the time of redoing the layout of the Magazine.

17 - To err is human, we are human and no different. If there are typographical errors and/or layout and/or image errors that are discovered after it goes to print, there is nothing we can do and we do apologise in advance. However, if we are notified by whatsapp / Signal (only - to avoid missing email etc going into junk) prior to the magazine going to print, we will do our very best to rectify it. Best effort is all we can undertake to provide.

18 – These submissions rules & guidelines may be amended here from time to time without notice, so please do check before submitting your work.

19 – EiC’s decision to accept, publish, withdraw is final.

Please use latest forms (below)

Photographers Consent Release Form –

3rd Party Submission Authority Form –

Credits Form –

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No. 8™ Magazine - Is a Creatives Portfolio Magazine - A Submissions driven new Fashion, Arts & Beauty Creatives Portfolio Magazine. No. 8™ Magazine features established & emerging artists + brands in the Fashion + Arts + Beauty industry to new audiences through our growing social media network, web site and any other opportunities we get.

We want you to grow in exposure and opportunities as we grow. We encourage you to network with other Creatives published in our Magazine.

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No. 8™ Magazine is a quality publication which is aimed at drawing the attention of Major Model & Creative Talent Representative Agencies around the world and to also bringing Industry Creatives to the attention of major Brands and Influencers.

No. 8™ Magazine is what you want to take with you to your next casting or brand pitch!

** We try and dedicate a page to each image - so the visual impact is also there!

** We try and refrain from overlaying images and graphic design on your artwork

** We encourage the submission of Landscape format images

** We try and feature, on our social media, as many images from your Editorial Submission as possible (normally all of them- over a period of time).

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